Our initial foray into exploring the island of St. Croix starts off with a literal bang as I put our rental car into the side of the hotel fountain. Gritting my teeth and swearing a bit, we put it behind us and drive out into the land beyond the gate...the hotel gate, that is.

What will we find and who will we meet on the largest of the Virgin Islands? Well, we start off with the (soon to be) world famous chicken eating tarpon of St. Croix, a dive operator who doesn't really get the idea of truth in advertising, and then the charming story of Junie and the Jungle...a father and son steel drum band that has some tales to tell.

It's all brand new, with photos and video, today at The World on Wheels: Crashes, Feeding Frenzies, Disappointments, and Triumphs on St. Croix

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