For the first time in a good long while, this southern African country - one of the continent's poorest and least free, thanks to the 37-year dictatorship of Robert Mugabe - is currently making world news daily with the drama surrounding Mugabe's detention, resignation, and succession. But even despite the longtime suffering of its people, tourism to this beautiful country has held its own over the years - in the last several years averaging a bit over two million visitors annually. They're brought here by outstanding attractions such as spectacular Victoria Falls (one of the natural wonders of the world); exciting ecotourism, adventure, and safari offerings; and uniquely in Africa, imposing medieval city ruins built in stone, such as Masvingo's Great Zimbabwe in MasvingoKhamiDhio-Dhio, and Naletale. But on my own visit, what I found most moving was the warmth and friendliness of its people, even in the face of adversity... keep reading

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