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More and more, Fido and Fluffy have been coming along for the ride (and even the overnight). But if you've tried it you know how much complication and expense it can add. Here are ways to minimize both.

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Comment by James Morris on January 20, 2010 at 12:38pm
Just thought to let everyone know, following certain rules, we allow pets to stay with our guests inside our rental property, Rundles-Morris House, located in Canada's top theater-cum-foodie towns, Stratford, Ontario:
Comment by EnLinea Media on October 26, 2009 at 11:29am
Comment by Max Pesling on September 26, 2009 at 8:58am also has some useful info on, um, pet flights. Also reports on pet incidents on airlines. Does anyone know of a list of pet fees, by airline, to help us choose the most reasonable one when we travel? That would be useful indeed...
Comment by David Paul Appell on September 18, 2009 at 7:24pm
Possibly one of NYC's fanciest and most notoriously pet-friendly hotels is downtown's SoHo Grand (, built by the CEO of the pet supply empire Hartz Mountain Industries (I'd actually be surprised if Susan hadn't already heard of it). Last I saw, there were dog statues in the public areas, a "dog bar," and of course our four-legged friends are welcome in many rooms (I believe others are set aside for the animal-allergic). If you can't bring your own pet, they'll even get you a loaner during your stay -- a goldfish!

Here's the section on pets from their web site FAQ:

"Are you a pet friendly hotel? If so, what kinds of pets do you allow?
Yes! Humans aren’t the only guests treated to all the luxuries that Soho Grand provides. We allow domesticated pets that are trained and well-behaved. If travelers cannot bring their pets, we offer a goldfish companion for the duration of their stay.

What are the pet amenities and services offered by the hotel?
Upon request, we can have your guestroom set up with pet bed, food and water bowls, and treats -- at no extra cost. We also loan kennels and pet beds of various sizes, food and water bowls, and kitty litter boxes. Along with complimentary treats at the front desk, we also provide a pet food menu through room service. We can also arrange for pet sitters, dog walkers, pet spas (all grooming done off property) and veterinary care through our Concierge team.

*Please note that except for seeing eye-dogs, or any health related assistance, pets are prohibited from entering the restaurants and bars due to health codes. However, your pet is always welcome in the public area of the Grand Bar & Lounge."
Comment by José Balido on September 18, 2009 at 6:40pm
Hi folks!
Susan Hartzler, Editor-In-Chief of DIY Doggie, is looking for properties to review in the new publication DIY Doggie. The premier issue will be live on the iPhone and iPod Touch with dedicated iTune's applications on October 5. They will add a travel section in the November issue reviewing hotels and resorts that are dog friendly. She's currently looking for a property in New York City to visit in October for the November issue. DIY Doggie will be available for download to 48 million people. If you have any suggestions, please post them here! Thanks!
Comment by David Paul Appell on June 12, 2009 at 1:37pm
Here's something kind of interesting I just came across. The non-travel site ranked the top most pet-friendly U.S. airlines (besides the new Pet Airways, of course!) and why:

5. United Airlines – Non-Discriminating
United Airlines loves animals of all kinds. They accept small cats, dogs and birds in the cabin; rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs as checked baggage and other animals including parrots, cockatiels and ferrets, in United Cargo. (Shipping by cargo is for items, like some pets, that you cannot check as baggage. Your pet may or may not be on the aircraft with you). If you have a short-nosed dog, check your date of flight, as some breeds and mixes are not allowed in cargo or as checked baggage from June 1 through September 30 of each year.

4. American Airlines – Zoo Trusted
American Airlines’ animal-trained staff has assisted in transporting animals from popular zoos in cargo. While they only allow a limited number of pets in the cabin, they ask pet parents to make special notes for their animal companions flying in cargo and promise to abide by all requests.

3. Airtran – Budget-Friendly
Airtran will not let you break the bank to fly with your pet beside you (well technically, under your seat). It is currently the least expensive airline to fly with your small pet; just $69 each way.

2. JetBlue Airways – Full-Service Pet Love
JetBlue really embraced pet-toting travelers when it launched JetPaws last summer. For no additional cost, JetBlue provides a pet carrier bag tag, two TrueBlue points each way, a welcome e-mail and a free pet travel guide. However, like other airlines, JetBlue has hiked its in-cabin pet charge; one-way fees range from $75 to 100.

1. Continental – Safety-First
Continental is proud of its PetSafe program, which has a 24-hour Live Animal Desk (1-800-575-3335), tracking the pets from origin to destination. It is pricier than other programs, but the cargo area is climate-controlled, allows roomy carriers and has a designated cargo staff. Travelers using PetSafe can even earn miles. The airline also allows small cats, dogs, pet rabbits and household birds to be carried in the cabin on most domestic flights for $125 each way.
Comment by David Paul Appell on June 1, 2009 at 12:14pm
So it as of June 17 Southwest Airlines is finally accepting pets onboard. Though from what I hear it's not because it's the right thing to do but just so they can charge an extra fee for it (but at least it's just $75, which is at least $25 less than most other airlines).
Comment by David Paul Appell on April 18, 2009 at 10:18am
Here's another one I just caught!

Cargo no more! Pets ride first class with Pet Airways.

Pet Airways is a revolutionary new way for your pet to travel. This service is for pets only - no human passengers are allowed on the plane.

So, what's the benefit? You're dog is never flown in the cargo area of the plane or put under a seat. They fly in the main cabin. Pets are given a potty break no more than two hours before take off. They are then loaded onto the plane, and their carriers are secured. A flight attendant checks on the pets every fifteen minutes, ensuring they are comfortable. After the plane lands, the pets are unloaded and given another potty break. It is at this point that you can pick them up in the "PAWS lounge" at the airport. If you are not able to pick them up that day, Pet Airways provides boarding in their "PAWS Lodge".

Pet Airways currently flies about once a week, but that is expected to increase once their popularity grows. Cities currently serviced are: Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City. Ticket prices start at $149 one way. For a limited time, ALL tickets are $149 for a one way trip.

Clearly, the plus side of this service is the extra care your pet receives. You don't have to worry about them being "thrown around" by luggage handlers. They are frequently checked on, and the bathroom breaks are surely appreciated.

The negatives? This airline has a limited schedule with limited cities, but this is understandable as they are just getting off the ground, so to speak. Not being able to ride with your pet is also a bit disappointing. However, the biggest current drawback is that this company was clearly unprepared for the overwhelming response they have received. Their website is constantly down due to traffic overload. Pet Airways does provide an email address to use to make reservations when the site is offline, but this is a serious issue they need to address. I was very lucky to get a chance to see their site in the small window it was online.

Once Pet Airways gets their feet under them and adjusts to being the singular US "pet only" airway, I think they will be very successful. This is surely to be a fantastic option to dog (and other pet) owners when pet transportation is needed.

For more info: (if it's online)

Comment by David Paul Appell on April 17, 2009 at 1:02pm
Just flew with my pup and still suffering from sticker shock. So it was nice to read this item about JetBlue from Budget Travel Online today. It's still pricey, but at least they also throw you a little bone...

JetBlue offering "frequent-flier miles" for pets

It's come to this. JetBlue's JetPaws program gives fliers two TrueBlue rewards points each way if they bring a pet along. You'll receive a guide to "Travel Petiquette," too. In the words of travel blog Jaunted, "Too bad the airline doesn't send out regular etiquette guides for human passengers."

There's a catch: It costs $100 each way. Also, you have to book pet travel over the phone. Also: Not all pets qualify.

Details at



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