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7 Unusual Things to Do Outside Vienna

Where would you go if you had an extra day during your Vienna vacation? Most travellers head for more city sightseeing to nearby cities after they…


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Top 10 Vienna Travel Planning Tips

With tourism booming in Austria's capital, independent travelers have started planning for their Vienna city break more thoroughly. They create their own paths of exploration, avoid queues and tourist pitfalls, discover insider gems and eventually share their distinct stories of Vienna with friends and family back home. Here are 10 tips any great trip planner,…


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Secret Christmas in Vienna - 7 Spots You Wouldn't Have Visited

Christmas markets in Vienna continue to be the hype for most winter travellers. But what if your festive spirit thrives more on off-path revelations and neighbourhood bliss? Here are seven under-the-radar spots that celebrate Christmas in a different way. (For all other local distractions, visit my collection of What to do in Vienna)…


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Vienna Stereotypes: How To Create Your Own Picture Of The City

If you visit Vienna for the first time and are keen to get under its skin you face a challenge: a mountain of 'must-sees' that over the centuries have cemented the rock solid stereotype of the enchanting city of music, cakes and emperors. Should you indulge in it? Or should you smash it by replacing cliched sights with trendy places?

As a native Viennese and frequent traveller back to my hometown, I have had fun doing both: indulging in and smashing Vienna stereotypes. Here is…


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Vienna Travel: 5 Reasons To Get Any Hedonist To See Vienna

Vienna Travel: ‘I am trying to convince a group of friends to visit Vienna Austria. We are planning our annual city trip. My friends love the good things in life and like culture. Which tips would win them over for a Vienna city break?’, my ex boss recently asked an unusually simple question.

I can actually write a book about the answer. Here are my key winning arguments that will provide…


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Most Popular Hotels in Vienna, Austria

Whether for elegant shopping or hotels, Vienna Austria has become a hot spot in Europe. Hotels of all categories have been transforming and mushrooming for a while, with more and better places to sleep, at (still) reasonable prices. That makes the choice a little harder, and more people are looking for the most popular hotels in town. But does that reasonably narrow your search? The answer is no, as…


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