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VIDEO Domino fever in Miami

Double sixes, double nines, in Creole, patois and Español – Miami plays dominoes with passion!

Domino Fever from Patricia Borns on Vimeo.

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A Month In the Sun For Under $2,000

If your pockets have more holes in them than money, I have two words for you: Dominican Republic.

Read on at …


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Haiti: The Audacity of Beauty


Haiti and travel aren't words that naturally pair in our minds. But photojournalist Maggie Steber, who's visited and revisited the country on and off assignment for 30 years, sees beauty there. As reported in…

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A Village to Love in St. Lucia

In Laborie, fishermen still leave the beach each morning in their bright boats – one of the boats is a traditional gommier made from a hollowed tree trunk – and return to the conch’s blast, bringing locals to the shore to buy their catch. ... (full post)

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Were you watching?

A bleary-eyed image as Ron and I watched the morning’s total lunar eclipse from our frosty yard on Amelia Island at about 3 a.m. The thought of earth’s own shadow brushing the moon’s surface with a blush of brown-red. Peace on earth?

Where in the world were you watching? Share your pics and…


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Where Flamingos Fly

“The chase is all,’’ my mother used to say about men. I think of this in the prickly mangrove bush where I've been waiting, curled like a pretzel since dawn, as my subjects take off the second before my shutter clicks.

“Flamingos are tough,’’ says our guide, Colin Ingraham, a master of understatement. They pierce the sky in long, pink-and-black arrows, taking flight each time we come within a certain distance — always beyond the focal length…


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It's all good at Calabash Literary Festival in Treasure Beach, Jamaica


Imagine being lifted in a bubble and gently set on a headland by the sea. Famous people casually introduce themselves: “Hi, my name is Cristina [‘Dreaming in Cuban’ novelist Cristina García], and this is Russell [‘Affliction’ author Russell Banks].’’

Far from Negril and Montego Bay, I was in the Jamaican breadbasket of St. Elizabeth parish, among tawny beaches and funky guest houses with…


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Ku hoe he’e nalu: To stand, to paddle, to surf a wave.

Catch the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) wave in coastal NC and New England.

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Muggle reports on grand opening of Wizarding World of Harry Potter

"All day the air rings with cries of “awesome’’ and “cool.’’ I have the feeling something transformative has happened, beyond what Universal expected. ... "

Story and gallery here.

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