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The Best Part of Cruising: Sailing Away From It All

People always ask me why I love cruising so much. What makes it so special? They ask me this because I once worked on a cruise ship. I love cruise ships because I love the ocean. But what make a cruise ship so special? Well my favorite thing about a cruise ship is the sail away. I know that you also sail into a port but that usually happens when you are fast asleep in your cabin encased in your soft, high thread count luxury sheets. But sail away is a time when most of the…


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Top 10 Reasons to See Europe Via Cruise Ship

Many times people ask me what is the best way to travel around Europe. Well I have toured England and Europe by car and train, but definitely the best way to get around Europe was on a cruise ship. For many seasons I cruised the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Here are my top ten reasons for picking a cruise ship over train or road. If you have any more reasons to add please let me know.…


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The Top Ten Reasons I Still Work In A Casino

Since I saw that Tripatini had a casino destinations group. I thought I would share a post from a blog my husband and I write called We have been in the casino buisness for a very long time and if any one has any questions about casinos be sure and ask us.

Thanks Cara Bertoia


When I was younger and working at…


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Myths Of the Felt: The View From Behind the Blackjack Table


Hi, my name is Cara. My husband Ray and I have been in the casino business for most of our working careers. We have decided to show you the view from behind the table. We will pass on a few tips, so that superstition doesn’t ruin you game. Please let us know if they help you win the next time you visit a casino!


If you were a blackjack table visited by thousands of punters a year, you would hear the same five things repeated every day. Guess what, all five of them…


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How I Wrote My Cruise Ship Novel

Here is an excerpt of the interview I gave for THE BOOK BLOG. It is British blog about publishing and writing and has a section on featured authors. Since my novel Cruise Quarters - A Novel About Casinos and Cruise Ships is the "Tripatini Read of the Week," I thought you might like to know a little more about our story. 


Tim I am so happy to be appearing on a British blog because my book is such a blend of the British and Americans. It is…


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Carolina Beaches Are the Best in the World

I am a Carolina girl; I was born in Charleston, grew up in Charlotte and went to school at East Carolina, so I know my Carolinas. I also worked on a cruise ship for five years, and what do cruise ships do? They visit beautiful beaches. Yes, the Caribbean has aqua water, and California has dramatic cliff sides, but I can tell you after crossing the globe you can't beat the Carolinas for the ultimate beach experience.

The ultimate beach experience combines…


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Hooray for Hollywood! How to Take in a Play, Dinner, & Comedy Act For Free

I have a confession to make. I love sitcoms. I'm a sucker for a sarcastic quip. I love anything that can make me laugh. I also live less than two hours from Hollywood, the epicenter of television and every once in a while I like to go all touristy and watch the making of a sitcom in person. So whenever I get the urge, I go to and book a taping. This is usually done late at night after a glass or two of wine,…


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At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Books as Well as Movies

Sometimes the best vacation is one where you don't go anywhere at all. For the last three years Ray and I have been spending a week in Palm Springs just like the other tourists going to the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Sonny Bono started the film festival 23 years ago and it keeps getting better every year.

The weather was warm and sunny, the relatives flew in from Florida to join us, and we got to do my two favorite things, go to the movies and…


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What NOT to Do If Your Cruise Ship Is Sinking



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Valley View Casino Near San Diego: The Buffet's A Seafood-Lover's Dream

I am not ashamed to admit it I like to eat. and I prefer to eat really great food. My nickname when I worked on cruise ships was the food scout, and my book Cruise Quarters - A Novel About Casinos and Cruise Ships is filled with vivid descriptions of the wonderful meals I have eaten across the globe. So when I heard that there was an all you can eat lobster buffet at Valley View casino - a small casino set in the mountains north of San Diego I knew that I had to go there. I know some people…


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Florida's Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino a Marriage Made in Rock-and-Roll Heaven

Last week while I was on vacation in Florida, my sister treated my husband and me to a Brian Wilson Concert. Although Mr.Wilson shows his age, he still had the same voice I remember so well from my Beach Boys albums. He belted out his greatest hits for over two hours. It was a great concert and the venue, well where else could it be but at the Hard Rock Casino in…


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