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Boracay, a Refuge From the Usual Chaos of the Philippines


As I get on the plane from Manila to Boracay, the Philippines’ paradise tourist resort, the bad weather seems to haunt me. I’ve rented a room there already, if nothing else so at least a way of getting away from the hawkers at the airport. Not much of an airport, by the way: A short cement strip along the ocean, mountains on one…


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As NASA Retools, Florida Space Coast Tourism Still Booms

As NASA and the part of Florida known as the ‘Space Coast’ is trying to reshape its selfimage after the permanent grounding of the Space Shuttle program, the agency’s last surviving vehicle, Atlantis.

During NASA’s heydays, the agency drew crowds from all over the world to every new rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. But the days of government organized and financed space adventures are long gone, and as the Traveling…


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Dazzling Denmark: Copenhagen, Here We Come – 5 Best Things to Do

A round viewing tower in Copenhagen. Photo:…


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Travel Advertorials: A Gray Area, as PR Agents Play Reporters

ANALYSIS: TRAVEL ADVERTORIALS. With tourism being a multi-billion dollar industry collecting the spending from 1 billion tourists in 2012, the hunt at travel agencies, airlines and hotel bookers for new customers is at the boiling point. The media has…


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Singapore: 5 Best Things To Do in Britain's Former Colony

A woman prepares dinner in her Singapore streetside joint. Photo:


SINGAPORE TRAVEL GUIDE. When mentioning that you are going to Singapore, everybody will tell you, “Don’t forget to have a Singapore Sling!”. The famous sweet…


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Gibraltar: Experience a European Relic From Colonial Times

With its strategic position overlooking the strait that parts the Mediterranean from the Atlantic, Gibraltar remains in British hands. For tourists, it also makes an almost unique journey back to the colonial times when Britain ruled the world, reports Erik Bergin.

After the British handed back Hong Kong to China in 1997, there’s not much…


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Dolphins and Sand Boarding in Paihia, New Zealand

New Zealand's North Island has long been shadowed by the adventurous South, with its fjords, mountains and dramatic settings, boasting every watersport known to man. But the North is well worth visiting, too – so much so that the Traveling 

Reporter decided to dedicate a series to the forgotten island. This is the first part of New Zealand's Lost…


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Britain’s Lost Asian Powerhouse: Crowded Streets, Dense Fog — And A Half-Raw Chicken

The Queen's former Crown Colony of Hong Kong is easy enough to like, but hard to love, writes Erik Bergin, as he goes on a quest to find the real characters of a really good book.

There sometimes are books that make you want to travel places. One such story – having been filmed in part starring Pierce Brosnan, no less – is James Clavell’s epic saga about Hong…


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Victoria Falls: How to Visit One of Africa’s True Natural Wonders

A bridge crosses the Zambezi River right on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.Heavy with traffic, the bridge is also used for bungee jumping as well as vantage point for visitors who want to experience the mighty Victoria Falls.

And there he goes: Bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls.

I’ve arrived at the attraction from the Zambezi side, and, after having flagged…


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Vacations Survey: Among Other Findings, Malaysians & Britons Relax Best When Off Work

WHEN OFF THE JOB: TRAVEL AND LEISURE In order to see the world, we need time away from our jobs. That we can all agree upon, whether we call it holiday, vacation, quality time, or something else. But how we handle that free time of travel and leisure, and how much of it we have avaliable differs wildly, a new survey shows.

Net travel agency Expedia’s study “Vacation Deprivation“, in which over 8,000 people in 22 countries have answered questions about their…


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Australia: Diving With Your Life at Stake


It is not much of a city – but the ocean has the more to offer. With water so blue that photos seem artificial afterwards, Cairns in northeast Queensland, Australia, attracts divers from all over the world to experience the most magnificent maritime environment nature has to offer.

Swordfishing and a gold rush built Cairns,…


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Fake Pilot Flew For 13 Years – Without A License

Excerpt from Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (


FAKE PILOT SCAM. Did you think a pilot’s license and training are at least some kind of a guarantee for a safe journey?

Think again.

Nobody could guess the dark secret of Swedish pilot Thomas Salme: He had…


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Southern Spain: On Narrow Roads from Alicante to Málaga

FROM ALICANTE TO MALAGA. The journey starts with a heavy walk. I am in Alicante, the south Spanish city along the Mediterranean, which has an old fortress looming on a hilltop, which I attempt to climb. The fortress is called Castillo Santa Bárbara. And the air is hot.

Being May, summer is already well under way in this part of Europe. But the wind is blowing nicely and the view up here on the hill over sea, city and the mountains beyond is incredible. Down below,…


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The Adventurists: Epic Adventures for the Daring – and Millions for Charity

The Mongol Run. Photo: The Adventurists

INTERVIEWThe Adventurists' press chief on adventures, 

risks, attitudes – and how to make the world less boring



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