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Highlights of Cambodia and Laos in a Single Itinerary by Buffalo Tours

“Discover Cambodia and Laos in a single tour with Buffalo Tours. We include all of Laos and Cambodia’s attractions to make sure you experience the very of countries”.

The journey takes you through Asia’s hottest destinations in Cambodia and Laos. Explore the most popular and exciting tour destinations of Cambodia and Laos in a single tour covering the very famous Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Complex Vientiane and more.

From the awe inspiring temples of…


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Cruising tours in Thailand

A country that is known to attract a large number of beach and adventure lovers all over the world, Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches and great water activities in Asia. Due to the fact that this country has a very long coastal region, thousands of tropical islands, and imposing rivers like Chao Phraya, Wang River or Chi River, there are innumerable opportunities for Thailand cruise tours, and that is why one of the most attractive deals to Thailand belong to the cruise…


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Adventure tours to Cambodia - Options to explore

Enclosed by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, the city Cambodia is the most enthralling one at the heart of South East Asia.  If you want to see the real beauty, Cambodia is the city which has emerged from the tragic history to the light of splendor, the place which is proud to be the home to the amazing temples of Angkor, Tonle Sap Lake, Mekong Delta and many more. With Cambodia adventure you can have the best of adventure tours that will be engraved forever in your memory.


As an…


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Go for a Vietnam Tour and Explore Something Different

Vietnam is blessed with amazing natural beauties with abundant harvest of soaring mountains, vast coastlines and radiant rice fields. It is one of the outstanding Asian locations which have magnetized many visitors across the world to have the amazing glimpses of natural, historical and divine beauty which is so compelling and yet the life is lived in a fast lane.

If you really want to slumber yourself into the deep serenity of this amazing country, make splendid tours to Vietnam and…


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Pick the best of Laos short breaks for magnificent holidays

The most emasculating land covered with natural attractions and beauties with strong traditional and spiritual values which are still unfold and glittering the ways of its habitations, Laos is the only place in the entire South East Asia for a splendid vacation for most of the people. Since this place is located at the dense tropical and subtropical forests it provides a great rendezvous with the natural landscape and greeneries to spend outstanding holidays in Laos.

Making a…


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Relish the eloquent Vietnam day tours for multifarious experiences

With immense geographical and cultural diversity, Vietnam is the only destination for a great historical, adventurous or romantic holiday. The vivid climate and the magnificent landscape provide every soothing effect to the every vacationer coming here for a splendid holiday. With amazing Vietnam tour packages you can enjoy variety of day trips and can get acquainted with Vietnam’s great historical and cultural…


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Laos Tours: Experience something different in Laos

One of the magnificent landlocked countries, Laos is the greatest expedition spot for most of the tourists. With a population of almost six million people, the least populated country in the world, Laos is the place which is dominated by the verdant forests, deep valleys and outrageous mountains. It is the place of fast earning cult status among travelers. Tours to Laoshas every expedition to follow as a natural lover, tradition lover or as an adventure lover.



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Make full use of your short breaks with Vietnam tours

Amazing landscapes, breathtaking views, gourmet cuisines and thrilling cycling and cruising experiences are some of the best attractions with which Vietnam is jeweled of. If you have a limited time period for enjoying your holiday trip, plan your vacations with Vietnam tours. Tours to Vietnam can make your short trips much exciting and enjoying. If you wish to choose your own adventure… Continue

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Vietnam Beach breaks to enjoy this vacation

Vietnam, the city of diversity and splendid natural beauty, is the amazing place for the vacationers to spend magnificent holidays with Vietnam tours. Vietnam is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest and Cambodia to the southwest, the place is itself surrounded by East sea and so is the excellent place for beach tours.

With Vietnam beach breaks collection you can have a great…


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Enjoy Cambodia tours with luxury in place

When someone plans for a trip, he/she searches for the best destination. Cambodia is the most fascinated destination for the travel lover specially looking for a luxurious stay as well for the luxurious tours. Tours to Cambodia can be the most amazing experience since the place is surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and all these places are the heart blowing places at the centre of South East Asia. Cambodia tours… Continue

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Relish the exotic adventure tours to Vietnam

Nestled between the most glorious and adventurous landscapes and itinerates, Vietnam tours is the ultimate option for you to have a wonder holidaying at the eastern most country of South east Asia. If you are among those adventure seeking courageous vacationers, you can spend splendid moments with tours to Vietnam.

Vietnam can offer you the most diversified cultural and geographical opportunities to explore yourself.…


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Laos Highlights Tour - Best of All

Officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Laos is an amazing place of cultural attractions and natural wonders. The country is located at the centre of Indonesia by sharing the border with Thailand, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Vietnam. With stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and genuine hospitability, Laos tours have magnetized many tourists every year. 

If you are planning an excellent…


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Luxury Tours in Vietnam-Best Options

With immense geographic and cultural diversity Vietnam is famous for a heart throbbing holiday experiences. The country is famed for its varied seasons and amazing tropical beauties so is famed for the best travel destination.  Explore yourself with the amazing beauty and gigantic culture of Vietnam with Vietnam tours.   


While on the…


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Buffalo Tours introduces new range of beach breaks choice to Vietnam

Buffalo Tours brings you more reasons to enjoy beach breaks in Vietnam by adding two exclusive beach breaks itineraries in their collection of Vietnam tours.

Explore Vietnam and find out more options to choose from by visiting Whether you are going with friends or family, we have a well planned itinerary for all types of beach breaks Vietnam. What more? You can also customize your itinerary as per… Continue

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Fresh Beach breaks to Thailand introduced by Buffalo Tours

“Buffalo Tours gives you a better opportunity to enjoy beach breaks in Thailand by introducing fresh beach breaks Thailand tour packages. Make the most of your Thailand beach tours or customize them as per your comfort by booking exclusive Thailand tour packages with Buffalo Tours”


Let Buffalo Tours take you on a fresh journey with beach breaks in Thailand. Thailand holidays offer a sultry experience of the…


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Must Visit Destinations on your Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular tour destinations with immense geographic & cultural diversity. From rock climbing to comfortable stay in luxury hotels & resorts, from a relaxing beach break to exotic river cruising, Vietnam has much more to explore.


If you have already planned a visit to Vietnam or planning one for the future but can’t decide what to see or do in Vietnam, browse the list of top tours to…


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Exciting Adventurous Holidays in Thailand

A fusion of culture, adventure and style, Thailand never disappoints the tourist who wants it all. It is among those few countries that can boast as much natural beauty, inviting culture, preserved history, distinctive cuisine and adventure activities.  


Being the most chilled out country, Thailand rewards the tourists with an open mind. Ride an elephant, discover tribal culture, go kayaking or enjoy the tasty Thailand cuisine, no matter what your choice of activities is,…


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Enjoy the magic of Cambodia by booking Cambodia tours for family

Explore the magical Temples of Angkor and the ecological wonder of the Tonle Sap Lake along with the frenetic capital of Phnom Penh. Give your family an ultimate Cambodian experience with a relaxing stay at one of the best accommodations. Travel with children is very popular in Cambodia and the country has a reputation of safe and interesting destination for families. The kingdom of Cambodia boasts some of the most spectacular sights on the planet. From massive ancient temples to…


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Discover Major Highlights by Booking Vietnam Cambodia Tours

An epic adventure encircling the best of Cambodia and Vietnam highlights. From the magic of Mekong Delta in Vietnam to the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor in Cambodia, tours to Vietnam and Cambodia would be an unforgettable journey of history and culture. Discover the beauty and customs of Vietnam and Cambodia enjoy the variety of cuisines, and make the most of your…


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Discover the best of Vietnam with your children with Vietnam family tour with Buffalo Tours

 “Buffalo Tours brings an all new excitement to your children’s holidays by providing Vietnam tours for family with special attractions for children”

Explore the best of Vietnam and provide a whole new experience to your kids’ Vietnam holidays with Vietnam highlights including water puppet performance in Hanoi, Halong Bay cruise on a traditional junk, water Activities,…


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