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Old-New Forms of Tourism Product Development


The famous French phrase: “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose” (the more things change the more they are the same) is a…


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Hotel/Tourism Security, Post Las Vegas Shootings

   NBC News

When tourism-industry historians write about the early 21st century, they may well view the week of October 1, 2017 as one of its hardest moments.  The week…


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An Updated Tale of Two Cities: A Recent Visit to Paris

In the middle of the 19th century, Dickens wrote his famous Tale of Two Cities about life in Paris during the French Revolution. Dickens contrasts the life of les misérables”(the poor) with the life of ceux de bonheur (those living happy lives).  In 2017, Paris once again presents to those who come to it a tale of two…


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Mass v. Boutique Tourism: Advantages & Disadvantages

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A major debate and buzz word within the tourism industry is what is often called “sustainable tourism”.  In reality there is no one definition of what the word means an even less people are sure of how to apply the term.  The…


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Tourism’s Trying July of 2016

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This month of July has not been an easy one in the world, and especially in the world…


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Tourism and Migrations

All around the world, immigration and refugees are a hot topic. Europe is locked in a debate as to how to handle the millions of people who seek to migrate there. The US also has a similar debate running through its presidential election process.  This article does not address the issue of immigration and refugees but it does look at how the movements of people…


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Culinary Tourism: Food as a Tourism Marketing Agent

There's little doubt that food is a major part of the tourism experience.  If tourism is about seeing new sights and having new and unique experiences, then the culinary world is a major part of the tourism experience.  Because eating is an essential part of living, food or culinary tourism has a broad base of appeal.  In fact, often when visitors return home, one of the first…


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Some of the Principal Issues Facing the Travel Industry Part Two of a Two Part Series (Part One is in last month’s edition)


Last month we examined some of the challenges facing the tourism industry in 2016.  This month we examine some of the other challenges with which tourism leaders may have to contend in 2016.  It should be noted that although the material in both the February and March editions is treated as separate challenges, there is often an interaction between them and these challenges are not stand alones but rather part…


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Terrorism’s Aggressive and Passive War on Tourism

The multiple recent terrorist attacks in diverse places such as London, Istanbul, San Bernardino, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Tel Aviv, along with the major tourism threats in others like Ankara, Brussels, Munich, and New York City, ought to serve as a warning to the tourism industry that it is entering into a new and dangerous age.  

In the past, most…


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Some thoughts about the aftermath of the Terrorism attacks in San Bernardino, the media, and social policy on Tourism

The most recent successful terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California raises not only a number of security issues but also issues on the media and public policy.  The results of this debate may have a great impact on the tourism and travel industries.


There is no doubt that these attacks…


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"Bio Dangers" and Tourism

When we think of tourism security, we tend to think about either criminal acts that often plague the tourism industry such as: pick-pocketing, room invasions, or con artists, or about "traditional" acts of terrorism such as a bomb.  Rarely do we consider the hidden forms of terrorism that can have an impact on the tourism industry. These forms of terrorism…


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Tourism and Terrorism in Today's World: What Must Be Done

This month has not been easy for specialists in tourism security. We first witnessed the terrorist bombing of the Russian aircraft, causing not only death and destruction to innocent civilians but also a major blow to Egypt’s tourism industry. Then, on Friday the 13th, the first reports of the terrible attacks in Paris began to come through…


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Tips for Destinations Seeking Medical Tourism

medical tourism surgery sfam_photo shutterstock_228912493

Tourism and health have taken on two new meanings. Health tourism can be broken down into two components, people who travel to a particular spot for medical reasons, such as cancer centers or for specific operations such a coronary bypass, and people who travel to a location for medicinal reasons such as rest and relaxation.  Medicinal tourism caters not to the sick but to those who seek new levels of wellness.  Examples of medicinal tourism are spa or centers…


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Today's Tourism Security Challenges

Tourism is facing four challenges that are perhaps more threatening than at any time since September 11, 2001.  What is interesting is that just as in the years prior to 9/11, many tourism officials have simply chosen either to ignore threats or to dismiss them with a great deal of verbiage and little actions.  Although…


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The Economics of Event Planning

Each year nations around the world compete for major events.  These events can range from sporting events to political events, from major conventions to religious festivals.  In all cases, and despite their different themes, these events are judged not only be the quality of the event but also by the events economic success or failure.  No matter what we call the event or what its purpose may be, on some level events are a business and the locale that…


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Tourism Facing New Challenges in a New Year

Part I  (see below for Part II)

Now that the December holidays are past, and the parties have ended, just like almost everyone else, tourism professionals must return to a world of work and new challenges.  From health issues to economic issues, from issues of social unrest to all too often substandard customer service, tourism officials face a host of problems.  Some of these problems are within the tourism and travel industry’s control. …


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Dealing with Tourism Crises

The tourism industry is highly vulnerable to crises be these man made or nature made, be these crises of a political, health or natural variety.  Almost since the start of modern tourism, tourism professionals have had to take into account that the media devotes a great deal of time and space to disasters, especially if these disasters result in the loss of life, cause suffering, and produce some form of economic damage.  During the period of time when the media focus in on the crisis, media…


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Creating Unique Forms of Tourism

People travel for many reasons. Some travel for business, others travel for a sense of adventure or for relaxation.  Leisure travel only succeeds if it provides two essential elements (1) the travel experience must offer something that the visitor cannot obtain at home and (2) the travel experience must provide memories. In fact, we can postulate that the travel and tourism business sells memories. Globalization has done many wonderful things not only for people in general but also for the…


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Traveling Safely in a Turbulent World

The year 2013 may be known as a year of travel insecurity. From airline crashes to cruise ships, international events and alerts around the world, along with terrorism threats should serve to remind all of us, that travel is never without risks.  Although no one can guarantee total safety, and the tourism industry continually works to improve its security, there is and there will always be an element of risk.  Furthermore, no matter how much security is provided, it is still the traveler's…


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Traveling to and with the Sound of Music

Tourism has many forms, and the niche tourism market is not only a growing market, but also understanding one niche helps tourism and travel professionals to apply the same principles to other niche markets.  One such market is the music and music festivals as a travel and tourism motivator. 

Although often overlooked, both music and tourism share a great deal in common.  Both are good for the soul, both attempt to lift a person's spirits and both help the person leave the doldrums of…


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