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The Abbey de Cadouin in Dordogne, France

Founded in 1115 and situated in a narrow valley in the south of the Dordogne, the Abbey de Cadouin is classified as a 'monument historique'. For 800 years this Cistercian abbey drew in pilgrims making the journey to view a sacred piece of cloth believed to have been part of the shroud of Christ.



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Prehistoric Cave Paintings at Lascaux

The discovery of Lascaux in 1940 opened a new page in our understanding of pre-historic art and of our origins. A

monumental piece of work, the cave continues to feed our imagination and excite each new generation all over the world. It is the ultimate place of pre-history........…


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A Spectacular Summer Event in the Dordogne

The Battle of Castillon seals the end of the Hundred Years War. For 3 centuries, Alienor's Aquitaine belonged to the English Crown and helped to establish the authority of the King of France.

The fall of Constantinople by the Turcs put an end to the Christians' presence in the East and the last byzantine artists and scientists took refuge in…


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Les Eyzies-de-Tayac - New Centre for Prehistory Opened

With the aim of bringing an entertaining as well as educative experience to the discovery of the origins of mankind, a brand new centre of Prehistory has been inaugarated at Les Eyzies in the Dordogne.

The Vezere Valley in the Dordogne has been inhabited by man for as long as 400,000 years, it was here in 1868 that…


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