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5 Fine Family Finds in England

It's no secret that today in a world full of stress and bustle many parents are constantly switching between family, household chores, and work. In this situation, a family trip to England in a hire car will be a real breath of fresh air. It will allow you to prioritize…


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Renting a Car in the USA if You're Under 21 - and with No Fee


Visiting the United States, under 21, and looking to rent a car or other vehible? Usually no problem, as the age for rental is…


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How To Spend Your Vacation In Austin, Texas

The state capital of Texas has a lot to offer from great sites to hiking trails nothing can go wrong in this city. Austin is home to music genres such as country, blues, and wrong. A vacation in Texas especially during the weekend, where you get…


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My Los Angeles To-Do List

Every year a great amount of tourists does not miss the opportunity to change location and come to Los Angeles.

Travelling has been always associated with new cities, unique places of interest and the feeling of comfort everywhere. It goes without saying that the quality of…


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Brisbane Top 6 Natural Attractions

For young people especially, a visit to Brisbane, Australia can be very saturated and exciting. First of all, Brisbane is famous for its unique natural attractions, botanical gardens and picturesque parks. In these places, you can walk pleasantly and become rich in culture.

Brisbane Forest…


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Closer to Nature in New York City in its 7 Best Parks

Despite the fact that New York is famous for its skyscrapers, you should pay no less attention to the wonderful nature of the city. In New York, there is a huge number of beautiful parks, where you can pleasantly relax from the city bustle.

Let’s look at the most popular parks of New York and their features:…


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Exploring the Animals & Nature of Iceland

The virgin and harsh beauty of Icelandic nature is really fascinating. It is true, here there is something to see: powerful waterfalls, active volcanoes, geysers (springs, periodically throwing out hot thermal water and steam, one of the manifestations of vulcanism), giant glaciers. Well, the natural beauty of the island is supplemented with the existence of…


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7 Lesser Known But Fantastic Attractions of Athens

To see something unusual and impressive in Barcelona or in Rome is almost impossible. We know too much about these cities. Nevertheless, we still found some interesting and at the same time, non-touristic places near one of the most famous cities in the world, Athens, and we are happy to tell you about them.

Here is the list of top 7 places, which…


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Portugal's Algarve: Must-Visit Sights


Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal, with a coast of about 200 kilometers and ravishing…


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Road Trip in Porto, Portugal: Most Popular & Comfortable Cars

Porto is the second most populous city in Portugal, located in the north of the country, on the right bank of the River Douro. Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the former capital of the…


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5 Fun Activities for Kids in Rome

Rome is not an ordinary city. Harmoniously combining all the epochs, it conceals many mysteries. Many tourists travel with children who, like adults, do not want to be bored.…


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5 Unusual Hotels in Sicily

image source

If you compare various hotels in Italy, Sicily offers…


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Best Things to Do in Milan [Infographic]

Milan welcomes about 6 million tourists every year. This city is not only about shopping and about fashion. Milan will amaze you with beautiful castles, museums, theaters, squares.

Check out the infographic to learn everything to enjoy the city.

Infographic Source: …


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