Wayanad, A Compelling Corner of Kerala, India

Wayanad is a South Indian district in northeast Kerala. The name of a hill station, Wayanad derives from two words: Vayal Nadu. "Vaya" meaning field of paddy (rice), so the word "Nad" is a South Indian name for land. Lavish paddy fields and moreover other plantations like tea and coffee are a regular view in Wayanad. Even noteworthy are the mountains and moreover forests where a large number of diverse creatures live. Contributing to the beauty is the pleasantness of weather year-round.

A visit to the hill station as well provides a glimpse into pre-historic Vedic, along with today's history. Traces of the Stone Age are found in the hills which make them a most loved site amongst geologist. From the more modern legends is that of the brave ruler Tipu Sultan, who took over Wayanad although later on handed it over to the British. Another favorite amongst visitors are the wildlife sanctuaries that offer a great variety of animals. Thereby, Wayanad is a good hangout for families since it makes for an educational trip for the kids in south India tour..

Main 10 sites of tourist interest in Wayanad are listed below:

1) Edakkal Caves

Dating back to pre-historic times, Edakkal Caves are a discovery of nature that occurred by a splitting of rocks because of weathering a result of natural forces. And what seem as the caves are actually a crevice which means deep (about thirty feet) so it looks like a cave. Inside, they have fabulous carvings that had been possibly designed in medieval times to depict stories etc.

2) Pookot Lake

The appropriate picnic spot in the center of a forest, Pookot Lake is a body of clear water surrounded in enchanting beauty. A boat trip in this lake can in fact make your day. Nearby areas too are totally fascinating along with a kids park, aquarium as well as a small shopping place for souvenirs.

3) Chembra Peak

An challenging high peak, Chembra is like a dream for those who love the adventures of hiking and camping. Everything you need to do is pack your backpacks with sleeping bags plus other hiking necessities, and get set to enjoy a challenging trek: A beautiful view from the top would be worth each and every peck of effort you would put into it!

4) Soochipara Falls

Water falling from a height as high as 300 feet and a lively reservoir on the ground fit for swimming and rafting: the Soochipura Falls are great fun as well as pleasing to the eyes. They are also known as the Sentinel Falls and are located nearby Meppadi. There are many India tour packages available for travelers.

5) Meenmutty Falls

A majestically stunning waterfall of the South, Meenmutty falls in 3 tiers. The view is beautiful and the vicinity around the falls is full of fun activities to do, for instance hiking.

6) Neelima View Point

View the Meenmutty falls and the fantastic valleys around it from the Neelima View Point. This location again lets you trek en route.

7) Kuruva Dweep

This is an island formed on one of the tributaries of River Kabani. It's a perfect picnic and sight-seeing spot. You will really enjoy the variety of flora and fauna here including birds, orchids, and rare herbs.

8) Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuuary

The way to the Pakshipatnam Bird Sanctuary is an enthralling forest and hilly area. Simply a nice long trek can get you here to experience the stupendously large and unique variety of birds.

9) Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple is a 300 year old Vishnu temple. It is an remarkable architectural wonder. It has thirty columns of granite that protect the temple till date.

10) Banasura Sagar Dam

India's largest earth dam is an remarkable site for picnics. The melody of flowing water calms all your senses. So, don't think too much and explore India tour today.

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