5 Great Spots for Paddle Boarding & Kayaking in Idaho

Kayaking and paddle boarding are ideal ways to experience nature in an adventurous way. All you need is the equipment, some suitable clothing, and you are on your way to explore the rivers. Even beginners who have little experience of this craft learn to negotiate their way through the water quickly. Though the USA has many beautiful spots to indulge in this water sport activity, Idaho is considered the best of all. With nearly ten rivers and hundreds of lakes in the state it is named as the white water state. Though there are a lot of options to go boarding and kayaking in Idaho, here are listed some of the best spots.

Main Payette River

This spot is located in Banks, Idaho. It is the ideal escape during the hot summers. The river speed and flow around this area is ideal for beginners. The drops in the river can be easily maneuvered and is good for training purposes. The location is at the meeting point of the river’s north and south fork. During the peak season this place becomes full of activity with people coming out with their families to enjoy some water sports.

Boise River Park

This public river park is located on the Boise River. It has wave shapers that help create the unbreakable green waves. This place is also an amazing picnic spot offering a wide variety of flora and fauna.  There are a number river based activities that people can indulge here like paddling, fishing and floating.  It is ideal for practicing purposes but during the spring season when the water level is high then it is better suited for people with more experience and advanced knowledge of surfing and kayaking.

Kelly’s White Water Park

This is another public park located in Cascade, Idaho. Because the park has controlled rapids it is suitable for all ages. In fact there are lessons offered for free for children in the park. It is also one of the premier water parks in USA. It had the honor of hosting two national level Kayaking championships. Other than kayaking it is also an ideal spot for paddle boarders, surfers and tubers.  

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

This portion of the Salmon River is located in Challis. This is by far the best spot to do paddle boarding. The river is also known as the river of no return because of its seemingly endless length of 425 miles. This portion of the river forms the main part of protected wilderness area. Though the river has different levels of difficulty, this particular portion is ideal for beginners who are just learning to paddle board.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

This area is located near Stanley and is host to a number of water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. It is also home to 300 lakes, the prominent ones being Redfish and Stanley. Redfish Lake has some beautiful and scenic camping spots too making it an excellent spot for a relaxing retreat.

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