5 Vacation Spots to Consider This Spring

By Susan Bodack

It's easy to go a bit stir-crazy after being cooped up inside due to freezing cold temperatures and nasty winter weather. After a long bleak winter of gloomy weather and bundling up, the promise of sunnier spring days can seem like a salvation. Planning that spring getaway definitely gives you something to look forward to whether you're looking to stay domestic or travel outside of the country, the travel possibilities are endless!


Consider these five spots and get to planning:

1.     Washington D.C.

It's hard to find a more American travel destination than our nation's capital, but don't think this busy town is all politics. Thousands of travelers flock to this political mecca each spring to enjoy the fragrant, lush blossoms of the hundreds of cherry trees lining the capital's streets. While you might need a light sweater at night, you can generally enjoy t-shirt weather during the day, and there are a ton of different sights to see. You can tour the political landmarks, spend hours upon hours in any number of fascinating museums or find plenty of venues offering unique theater and performing arts shows.

2.     Yosemite National Park

If you or your girlfriends are the outdoorsy type, Yosemite is a fabulous springtime destination for a number of reasons. First, the winter snow and ice are thawing which increases the rushing waters in the park's magnificent waterfalls and streams. Plus the thousands of acres of natural beauty begin to come alive with the arrival of spring's warmer temperatures, as grasses turn green, trees begin to leaf out and wildflowers paint beautiful carpets across the rolling hillsides and pastures. You will also have greater chances of seeing wildlife as they begin to venture out after a long winter, hopefully with new babies in tow for some priceless photo opportunities (at a safe distance, of course!)

3.     Hawaii

If you're yearning for a tropical setting, but are not so hip on visiting a foreign country, then Hawaii is the ideal candidate for your spring vacation. May is a fantastic month to visit the Aloha state, as crowds are still minimal, but temperatures are warm and lend themselves to hiking, touring, or sunbathing. You can also enjoy cheaper airfares during this time as opposed to waiting until the middle of summer or going in the dead of winter, when people are desperate for a dose of sunshine-induced Vitamin D. Whatever you do, don't forget your swimsuit!

4.     Central Europe

While it still might be a bit chilly at times, Central European countries like Germany, Hungary and Poland are fantastic to visit in the spring. You can travel a few hours to still find skiing on sugary slopes, while a few hours in the opposite direction will have you enjoying fragrant spring flowers and sipping coffee in outdoor cafes. Pristine blue skies can be enjoyed while moving between cultural and artistic destinations, while traveling the countryside will allow you to see farmers planting their crops and working with their herds. No matter the season, you can look forward to delicious sausages, cold beer and friendly citizens.

5.    Greece

While the unfortunate economic times of Greece are definitely unpleasant for citizens, a soft economy is good news for your travel budget. Your dollars can be stretched even farther on accommodations, inter-island tours, visiting ancient sights and ruins or licking your fingers clean of authentic baklava. While you will still need to pack a jacket to fend off the brutal Grecian winds that can arise, you'll also need to pack sunscreen for the bright Mediterranean sun and a bathing suit if you plan on hitting the beach. Since locals have yet to pack up to avoid the influx of tourists during the summer months, you'll hopefully be able connect with natives and find out the hidden treasures known only to residents, whether it be an off-the-beaten path historical attraction or a tucked-away mom-and-pop gyro stand.

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