6 of the World's Best Cities to Live and Work In

Living in your country of birth isn’t the right choice for everyone, there are some many beautiful and unique countries around the world that some people need to consider relocating for true happiness. Whether you want to move for the scenery or your career here is a list of amazing cities to consider whilst trying to find your perfect location. 




Home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, London is a desirable city to live in. People love how busy and popular the city is every day and how much is celebrating all the different holidays throughout the year. The surprising decision for Brexit have created a lot of questions around the country and with the pound decreasing and increasing throughout the year there is a lot of uncertainty. Post-Brexit people who would like to live in the UK must apply for a visa, and must participate in a British Naturalisation process and take a Life in the UK Test. After all this, property prices are still increasing, creating a temptation for property investors to sell. Wages are also rising because of the increase in EEA family permits. London is an ever-changing city for any foreigner to make their home, London is multicultural and there are so many places for you to explore and maybe find a home away from home.



The history and culture alone will lean most towards moving to Paris, with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe it’s a beautiful city filled with love, scenery, and famous cuisine. Although is not a city known for its working culture there are plenty of careers that can be started here but it’s not one for the career minded. Paris has other ideal qualities such as low crime rate, reasonable rent prices, and a thriving financial sector.



For most people, Zurich is going to be a place you visit and love, because of how successful Zurich is in the Financial sector it makes it a luxurious place to live and work. With this luxury comes expensive prices though so realistically this may not be the best option for most people.



Dubai has been rising quickly as an ideal place to live, the price can be fair depending on where you are visiting but the city is full of different luxuries that include hotels, cars, and yachts. Most wealth comes through to Dubai to spend their money on different commodities. Dubai is a place that will be perfect for some, with its hot weather and unique architecture what’s not to love?

Hong Kong

With a lot of political unrest in Hong Kong a lot of businesses operate internally in the city, this means there are a lot of jobs available for different trades and skills. Hong Kong has one of the largest populations and is known for being a concrete jungle, the cities heights and architecture go unmatched and it is one of the most dominate cities in China. With flexible working visa being easy to attain in Hong Kong majority of the population is business people from around the world. One thing to note about Hong Kong is the humidity, throughout the year it can be very hot with little sun, the average person tends to acclimatize after around 30 days.



With a world famous friendly population Sydney if ideal for most people looking for happiness, Sydney is Australia’s biggest employer and offers the perfect weather to want to live in. Sydney scores well for culture, lifestyle, and popularity so you would be disappointed if you decide this is your perfect choice.

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