A First-Time Visitors' Guide to Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its Mediterranean climate, mild temperatures, and limited rainfall; it is one of the most popular travel destinations as well. Greece is known for its amazing site seeing, excursions, culture, cuisine, and so much more. The trip of a lifetime awaits you in Greece. So, check out our First Time Visitors Guide to Greece:
The first thing you must do when planning your trip to Greece is plan a ferry trip to any of the beautiful islands, and make sure your camera is ready, because the beauty of Greece will take your breath away. Once on land, you will definitely want to explore Greece on foot, make sure you wear comfortable clothing and have your camera in hand as you walk through the shops and markets along the streets.
A great way to spend your afternoon is by partaking in a wonderful Greek pastime. Relax at any of the cafes on the streets by ordering a cup of coffee, reading the paper, and watching as the world go by. For something a bit more adventurous try one of the many excursions offered in Greece like, Bavarian horseback riding in Cephalonia or visiting the volcano in Santorini. Also you will want to visit the magnificent museums & archeological sites like the Acropolis of Athens and Ancient Olympia. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen because you will defiantly want to visit the beach while you’re in Greece; why not try one of the most famous beaches, Myrtos Beach in Cephalonia.
There are many excursions and tours you can take in Greece, but there are also many great places to eat. Greek food can easily satisfy anyone. Here are few restaurants suggestions for your trip to Greece:
  • Varoulko (Athens) - In its new Athens location, with a menu that adds tasty meat dishes to its signature seafood, Varoulko continues to win plaudits. Everything here is so good that many Athenians believe chef/owner Lefteris Lazarou serves not only the finest seafood in Athens, but some of the best food in all of Greece.
  • Selene (Santorini, Cyclades) - The best restaurant on an island with lots of good places to eat, Selene is one of the finest restaurants in all Greece. The reason: Owner George Haziyannakis constantly experiments with local produce to turn out innovative versions of traditional dishes. Inside, the dining room is elegant, while the terrace has a wonderful view over the caldera.
It is no wonder why Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. No matter what you are looking for Greece has something for you. Next time you are planning a trip, pack your sunglasses and camera and head to Greece! For more information on trips to Greece click here.

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