A number of things can be annoying or even upsetting to tourists visiting Africa, these can range from; insects, bumpy roads and dust, sunburn etc. 

Insects: Insect and bugs can be annoying. Tourists will find Insects in significant numbers depending upon your location and current weather patterns. Mosquitoes are present though generally not active during the day. Flies can be more of a nuisance, especially when you’re near the wildebeest migration. Flies are attracted to animals and the droppings of herd animals, so you don’t get one without the other. You will undoubtedly know when you have found the larger migratory wildebeest herds (100,000 plus!) There are also tsetse flies, which are worse than the average fly. they are mainly found in the woodlands, and their bites do hurt. There is no insect repellent that is effective against the tsetse fly. The best protection is to wear long sleeves, pants and socks and to roll the windows up when you are driving through a tsetse fly-infested area. Additionally, dark blue and black colors attract tsetse flies and it is recommended not to wear these colors when game driving in tsetse areas. Tsetse flies require the thick bush and woodlands to breed and survive. It transmits a blood parasite that causes the ‘sleeping sickness’ in cattle but is very rarely transmitted to humans in East Africa, while wild animals are immune to this disease. The tsetse fly is commonly referred to as the ‘greatest conservationist in Africa’! That's because it has forced ranchers and their cattle out of areas like the Serengeti and Tarangire, leaving these important refuges ecologically intact for use by their native and wild inhabitants.

Bumpy Roads and Dust  Game drives through the national parks can be bumpy and dusty; most of the roads and tracks in the national parks and conservations areas are not paved. Many game drives are entirely off road/cross country. Game driving off road and on poor tracks, which are found in most areas, can be aggravating and exhausting for some individuals. This is worsened on longer game drives where you may be on rough roads for several hours at a time. 

During the dry season, these bumpy roads are too dusty. Photography and video equipment may be especially prone to dusty conditions. It is a good idea to bring a bag that can be easily opened and completely sealed so you may store your equipment when not immediately needed. Bring a couple of photo soft cloths to wipe dust from the lenses. Contact lens wearers may be especially sensitive. Please plan accordingly and bring an ample supply of lens lubricant.

Snakes  Those with a phobia for snakes, these are common throughout Africa, though they are seldom encountered on safaris. The vast majority of tourists never see a snake while on safari.

Long Game Drives  Most safari game drives are quite long. A lot of time is spent in a vehicle game driving and wildlife viewing.

Sunburn  On your safari to Africa, sun burn is likely to occur especially for people with very sensitive skin. You will enjoy the sun in Africa but it might come with sunburn, hence as you pack for your Africa safari, don’t forget a hat and sunscreen.

Crowding  Visitor concentrations in the national parks and other tourist destinations are higher especially during peak season,  July-September. Tourists who wish to be in a more reserved and quiet environments are advised to travel during the off-peak months.


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