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This double-island country in the West Indies is famous for its 365 white-sand beaches, sailing, and excellent cuisine. That said, there are plenty of other adventures to make you feel alive, both on land as well as in and on the water!

Snorkel/Dive Antigua’s Coral Reefs - Practically surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, Antigua is a great place for Caribbean snorkeling. there are more than 40 dive sites, some in relatively shallow water and others in the deeper, more complex underwater terrain south of Antigua

Sail Around the Islands - Antigua has a long and storied sailing history that dates back way before Admiral Horatio Nelson’s famed stay in English Harbour, and the boating options are many, from self-sail rentals to charted sailboats, catamarans, and yachts to organized cruise tours.

Explore Amazing Caves on Barbuda - Escape the ever-present sun by journeying underground to a world of natural subterranean limestone caverns and sea caves, including dramatic stalactites/stalagmites and even precolumbian Arawak petroglyphs.

Fish the Turquoise Waters -  Head out from Antigua for some serious Atlantic deep-sea fishing for wahoo, marlin, kingfish, yellowfin tune, and more. Barbuda, meanwhile, is perfect for angling for bonefish in the shallows. Dozens of fishing charter operators on hand to help. 

Hike in the Warm Caribbean Sun - A great way to experience the natural beauty of Antigua is by hiking one of its coastal or interior trails, crossing terrain from dry jungle to cacti laced grasslands, sometimes throwing in gorgeous sea views and historic ruins.

Get Out on the Water - With plenty of healthy mangroves and numerous beaches, bays, and inlets along 100 miles (160 kilometers) of coastline, Antigua and Barbuda are ideal for enjoying water sports such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

Explore Antigua by Bike - Its small size, moderate hills, manageable traffic, and varied scenery make this island a joy to explore on two wheels. There are plenty of bicycle rental shops, and a number of resorts also offer them.

For more information and insight into adventures on Antigua and Barbuda, click here.

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