Have you ever dreamed of experiencing nature?  I’m not talking about taking a few photos from afar but rather being part of it, immersed in the experience, treading lightly to leave only footprints behind?  After twenty-five years in the adventure travel industry, Natural Habitat Adventures (NHA) feels confident that they have perfected the concept of natural history expedition.  Their philosophy centers on three primary components:  (1) small groups, (2) the very best expedition leaders and (3) the most secluded accommodations that reflect local character and situate you in the world’s most remarkable wildlife settings. 


See polar bears aboard a tundra vehicle and spend the night in an exclusive tundra lodge.  Watch blue-footed boobies perform an ancient (and quite comical) ancient mating dance from your small ship in the Galapagos.  Go on a grand sub arctic adventure with days filled with beluga whales and dog sledding and nights illuminated by the mystical display of northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis.  Witness majestic elephants sauntering by at sunset or hear the roar of lions from your secluded, yet safe, camp on an African safari with a group of eight.  From North America, Central America, South America, Asia & The Pacific and Antarctica, NHA’s expeditions will give you unforgettable memories.


Integral to the mission of NHA is realizing that their travel experience includes protecting and preserving our natural assets and wildlife in these remarkable places.  It is because of their dedication to this philosophy that the World Wildlife Fund partners with Natural Habitat Adventures.

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