What Makes Bern, Switzerland Well Worth Visiting?


The hometown of Albert Einstein in the 20th century, Bern is the largest capital city in Switzerland. House to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed River Aare; the Bern has been popular among scientists and artists. This is not the only thing that makes Bern a demanding city to visit, but other aspects. Century-old infrastructure, colourful by lanes, happening night out, and old history, everything makes Bern an ideal town to explore.

Old Town

One of the many things to do in Bern is to visit the UNESCO listed Old Town with an old wooden house, tall sandstone buildings and others dating back to the 14th century. Many of the buildings are woven with arcades on the ground floor and have bars, cafes and restaurants. What makes these buildings worth is the polychrome statue of real personality from the past.

Zentrum Paul Klee:

Located on the eastern outskirts of Bern; the Zentrum Paul Klee is a modern-looking museum designed in the name of most influential artists Klee. Klee was born in the 20th century outside Bern. In 1997, his daughter donated all the inheritance to the city. Renzo Piano was hired to design this beautiful and large size museum to showcase his work. The museum opened its door in 2005 for the public to present Klee's paintings in different shows on set themes.


Zytglogge town was erected in the 12th century as a part of the Bern's western city gate. What makes this town unique from others is the iconic clock installed in 1530, and has the astronomical clock below. On your tour to this town, you will find some behind the tower's scene actions starting at 14.30. To get this view, you need to book your slot in advance as the numbers are limited.

Bern Cathedral

One of Switzerland's tallest cathedral built in the 15th and 16th centuries, Bern Cathedral is a single spire, erected more than 100 meters high and known as one of Europe's most significant Late Gothic groups sculpture. Once you enter the church, you will admire how the 16th century carved choir stalls and "Dance of Death" stained glass window is designed.


If you are on a week-long trip to Bern, then one of the essential things to do is visit the Gurten. Here, you will find the funicular which you can view from the Aare in Waban. The funicular has been serving the 858-metre hill since it was built in 1899. Gurten offers some engaging activities, including hiking, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. If you are visiting in July, then the Gurten festival is what you shouldn't miss.

Bern Historical Museum

Another exciting thing to do in Bern is to visit the historical museum, which houses some historical and ethnographic collections dating back to the medieval period. Among the many highlights, some are like tapestries from Burgundy of the 1400s and 1500s, and the Konigsfelden Diptych dating back to the 13th century. Don't miss the Einstein Museum containing footages and illustrating objects.



The Rosengarten

If you are exploring Bern with your partner, then do visit Rosengarten, close to the BarenPark. Here, you will find families; friends and couples meeting up and having a good time. Way back in 1913, this small piece of land was a cemetery, until 1917 when roses were planted. In the early summer season, 223 rose, and 200 Iris species are in flower. In May, one can find 23 rhododendron species. The complete plot looks refreshing.

Museum of Fine Arts

One of the oldest art museums in Bern, this fine art was opened in 1879. Today one can find some of the pieces from the middle ages and collections of more than 3000 paintings and sculptures. Moreover, there are 50,000 photographs; prints and pieces of video art. However, there is news about paintings being stolen by the Nazis in the 30s and 40s.

Einstein House

When in Bern, you just cannot miss this Einstein House, of the famous physicist Albert Einstein who discovered the theory of relativity E=mc2 while living in Bern in 1905. One can visit this home and the Kramgasse 49- his family house restored for tourism purposes. By visiting the house, you will find what helped Einstein to come up with the theory.

Bern is certainly the preferred location in Switzerland one shouldn't miss exploring. If you plan to explore this place, the best is to book your tickets, accommodation and plan things way in advance. This will help in saving money and exploring places. At PickYourTrails, you will find a Switzerland tour package

covering Bern and things to do. Good planning will help in making your trip to Bern memorable one.

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