5 Best Rental Car Models for Family Road Trips

Family road trips should be a memorable bonding experience for everyone, and many people consider this a rite of passage. However, it can quickly turn into a disaster if you end up cramped in a small uncomfortable space. Since you are going to remain in the car for several hours, it is important to carefully pick your choice and find the most comfortable ride you can get your hands on. There are several car models designed for long-distance trips and these are the designs you should rent. Finding trip cars should not be a problem as businesses like 14cars.com offer large fleets of cars and minivans that will suite any special need. Here is a brief look at five of the best cars to rent for your next family road trip.

Kia Sorento

One great thing about this crossover SUV is that it offers ample space and a touch of class at mainstream price. Kia Sorento is a perfect car for family road trips as it is not only city friendly, but also has a third-row seat to accommodate any lighter-weight family. Up to three people can fit on the second row seat. Seats feature comfortable padding and reclining backrest, and a V6 engine offers a smooth ride while conserving your fuel. A sturdy set of suspensions also absorb any bump shock to keep you comfy throughout the trip.

Audi Q7

If you like quietness and tranquility, awesome infotainment systems and plush luxury designs, then Audi Q7 is the car you should hire for your family road trip. This three row SUV is ideal for light families and V6 engines offer fuel economy. Rent the models that feature the air suspension option for more comfort. A sleek dashboard with high tech digital controls and beautifully finished interior completes what is a top-class luxury family transporter.

Toyota Sienna

No complete list of family road trip cars lacks a minivan and Toyota Sienna is definitely the best in this category. It offers a large space with more seats, several cup holders and large sliding doors that are just convenient for road trips. Its handling is also smooth and the V6 engine keeps your ride comfortable and quiet. Although Sienna is not as sleek or plush as modern three row SUVs, it offers enough conveniences to put it above rivals like Honda Odyssey. It also features inspiring interior and offers fuel economy.

Subaru Outback

This is the family trip SUV for non-conformists and will appeal to any practical-minded person. The wagon offers enough room and functionality to make your road trip memorable and comfortable. It has very secure handling, all weather four-wheel drive, easy-to-use controls and 6 cylinders which make the car faster than most. It also backs safety features including blind-spot visibility and warning. Like any other three-row seater, it is ideal for light-weight families as it takes a maximum of three on the second row seats. A roomy cargo area is also present in the design.

Dodge Durango

This family transporter is simply spacious and comfortable. Its platform is more like the Jeep Grand Cherokee albeit longer as it features a third row of seats to make it ideal for family road trips. Its handling is quite responsive and quite V6 engine offers fuel economy with 8 speed automatic acceleration. You can also find options with V8 engine. This SUV can take in 1000+ more pounds than other cars in this list making it one of the best to rent for a family trip. It also features a grand 8.4 inch infotainment system that is simply marvelous and very user friendly.

There are several other top cars you can rent for your family road trip. When looking for car rental businesses like 14cars.com, it is advisable to carefully review and compare your options. Choose credible businesses that are known to offer top quality services and cars in good condition. The business should also offer several options to choose from.

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