Climbing is as close as we can come to flying. This interest is within most of us.  Let us all know about “Trekking in Nepal” since it is one of the best destination if you are willing to do something unique and challenging.

Let me tell you. If you are convincingly fit, you are fit enough to trek in Nepal.  While trekking in Nepal you will wake up with the chirping call of birds, you will want to stay on in those trekking camps to enjoy the tranquility at the night, the cool breeze, and the fascinating mountains which turn from silver to heavy gold during the time of sunset.

Since Nepal has a large number of trekking routes, you might have a problem of choosing the right trail however it will be wise enough to pick up a proper trekking trail and time according to your interest.

Most importantly the weather and the crowd should be taken care of while you decide your time for trekking since during the season time Nepal has a huge tourist crowd. Note that October to May is the best time period for trekking. Nepal has amazing scenic beauty and mountains views. Though the summer time may not be the best to offer you the best mountain views, but it is a definite period for the special interest trek. This is the ideal time for travelling in INDIAN, TIBETAN HIMALAYA and in Nepal Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, Manang Nar Phu. During the autumn, everyone rushes to the beautiful trekking trails because of the tantalizing mountain views.  Autumn is one of such season which offers an excellent view of the mountains. The monsoon skies are very clear, days are warm and evening cool. This makes the best time to trek and it is one of the popular periods for tourists to visit Nepal. Winter is a great time to trek one or two week lower and mid altitude trails, where the temperature is pleasant. During this period, there are less number of trekkers on the trail.  Special interest trek is best during the spring season i.e. starts late February. The colourful forest of Rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal also blooms at this time of the year. The nature will mesmerize you with the orchids, also different species of birds on the route while you trek during this season.

One should always keep in mind that whenever you plan to take a trip to Nepal, it should be an Adventure Nepal Tour since Nepal is best known as an adventurous destination. 

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