Can Nude Travel Increase the Bottom Line?

There are 270 clubs and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico offering clothes free vacations of all kinds. And the American Association for Nude Recreation reports 213,000 members spending 400 million plus bucks on nude vacations. It's a global industry.

The Florida-based site is pretty savvy about its mission ("to responsibly enjoy nudity in the company of our family and friends…and to be treated as law-abiding citizens"), and offers many pages of insights including "From a Women's Perspective"; "Corporate Partners"; "Nudist Family Values." It's the country's oldest such organization, with origins back in the early 1930's.

So while skinny-dipping in the local swimming hole may be a thing of the past,  nude recreation as a travel option is becoming very popular. And profitable.

Forbes magazine,in a somewhat dated (2003) but still relevant article, points out that in a tight travel market, the clothes-optional travel segment can positively affect the bottom line of a destination or cruise line or tour operator. Moreover, a couple of resort owners offering "naturism," and at least one economist, say that the whole market is growing so much that a lot more hotels are considering having a nude week.

Some uninhibited people would argue that from an economic point of view, it makes more sense to have a clothing-optional beach rather than a traditional one because nude enthusiasts are big spenders.

Interested travelers can have their most personal questions answered on the blog, Castaways Travel. Their FAQ's page about what they call "clothing-optional, nude and adult travel fun," and while the answers are sometimes tongue-in-cheek, they're helpful and informative. Light-hearted, as befits the culture of clothing-optional vacations, one would assume.

Topics covered range from the awkward (how do I deal with an erection) to the obvious (my body isn't perfect, will I be embarrassed?).

Who does this kind of thing and what do they do on a nude holiday? The Association of Nude Recreation has a perfect answer: “We draw from folks from all walks of life…doctors, lawyers and everything in between."

But they go on to say that you can’t know the difference when you’re all nude.


And they do everything from sailing to picnicking and building sand castles.  And where do they do it? Traveler's Digest  has a list of the best "nude travel destinations," and the top choice is Bobrene on Tambourine, Australia (Queensland).

While I'm not crazy about its website, at least one comment extolled the virtues of Caliente Resorts in Florida where, he says, even his grandkids are comfortable visiting.

As a former (I accidentally wrote this as "firmer") official at the Association of Nude Recreation once told me, "nude travelers say when they take off their clothes…they put on a smile!

And we assume, insect repellant.

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