Devon, England, The Family Holiday Destination That Keeps on Giving

There are some people who continuously visit the same holiday destination every year. Some of these are places abroad but a lot of them are actually in the UK. Devon is one of those places; the kind of place that will never cease to be a top choice for holidaymakers for a number of reasons.


The British weather is notoriously unpredictable and in the summer time, you have almost as much chance of having a holiday full of rain as you do of record breaking temperatures. There doesn't appear to be any logic to it but that doesn't stop many holidaymakers, they just simply see it as part of the fun. Of course, if you are going on holiday with the family, the arrival of rain can sometimes be a bit of a relief. It can give you the chance to do something a bit more relaxing inside, rather than racing around outdoors with hyperactive children.


The beaches in Devon are some of the nicest ones in the country, making for a holiday filled with fun. If you want to build a sand castle, paddle in the shallows or even engage in some water sports, you'll find all of these activities possible in Devon. The benefit of having this much choice is that you'll be able to entertain everyone, whatever age they are.

Places to stay

When it comes to finding somewhere to stay on your holiday, you're likely to find that you are spoilt for choice. Whether you want beach front hotels, tents or holiday parks in Devon, you'll find what you're looking for. If you go for a holiday park, you'll also find a huge selection of activities on site that you can take part in. Different parks obviously offer varying ranges of facilities but you are looking at anything from swimming pools to climbing walls. Some of them have ice rinks while others manage to incorporate crazy golf courses into the park. Whatever you choose to do, you'll be sure to find yourself with plenty of activities, wherever you stay.


This is one of the factors that keeps people coming to Devon, and other UK based holiday hotspots every year. While the prospect of going abroad somewhere that is guaranteed to get hot weather is very tempting, it's just not financially feasible for a lot of people. Being able to stay in the UK means you don't have to worry about flights, changing currency, applying for passports or sorting out international travel insurance, all of which can work out to be quite expensive.

You'll be covered by the NHS so if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you'll be sure that the level of care you receive won't change just because you're on holiday. You also don't need to try and work out the cost of food, drink and souvenirs in a different currency. What you see is what you get so it can be a lot easier to budget for your holiday in advance. On top of that, you can drive to your holiday and go exploring in the car; you won't need to hire one like you would have to if you went abroad.

About the author: Stephen Smith is a professional holiday planner and trip organiser. A wandering thirst often compels him to bid goodbye to his family in Dorset and head to new destinations. Stephen contributes to a wide range of journals and online publications. It is his attitude towards life and love of travel that keeps him energetic and ready for his next adventure. If you want to know Stephen more as a friend, meet him on Google+.

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