Discovery On the Danube: Traveling Bavaria's Danube Gorge

Weltenburg Abbey, Danube Gorge

One can catch countless glimpses of stunning scenery along the Danube River. However, Janeen Christoff, special contributor to Travel Age West, recommends visitors craving the crème de la crème of natural wonders should take a ferryboat through the magnificent Danube Gorge. The gorge, aka the “Pass of Weltenburg,” in Bavaria offers some of the river’s most fascinating sites.

The gorge was astonishingly created when the river shifted and its waters, consequently, carved a passage, apart from the Danube. Interestingly so, some of the cliffs have been given nicknames over the years based on their unique formations, such as “Stone Virgin,” “Lizard Rock,” and “Beehive,” the latter bestowed for its countless honeycombed-shaped holes.

As mentioned before, the gorge offers an array of intriguing sites that can’t be missed in Bavaria.
  • Liberation Hall – Situated high on Michelsberg Hill, the 148-ft tall hall was established by King Ludwig I in commemoration of the Wars of Liberation in the fight against Napoleon. Since 18 nations in Germany participated in the war, 18 statues stand on 18 sides, each containing a tablet with a name of a German nation. The hall symbolizes the nation’s pride, and aimed to remind the people that “unity would guarantee freedom.”
  • Klosterl hermitage – Commissioned in 1450, its chapel - magnificently perched on the side of the cliff – most certainly constitutes a visit.
  • Weltenburg Abbey & Weltenburg Klosterbrauerei – Founded in the 7th century, the Abbey is home to one of the oldest breweries in the world. Renowned for its dark ale, the beer was awarded the World Cup of Beer in 2004. Moreover, the monastery is home to a magnificent church of baroque architecture. Built in 1716, the church features a splendid entrance hall which symbolizes the Four Last Things (death, judgment, heaven and hell) and the four seasons, which embodies the passing of earthly things.

Extraordinary baroque architecture, stunning scenery and world-famous beer make Bavaria along the Danube Gorge a definite must-see.

A visit to this breathtaking area along the mighty Danube River is only a cruise away!

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