You fall in love and get married with the best of intentions. You dream of spending your lives together and often you begin to do so by having children.

But somewhere in the near distance, there are constant reminders, concerns, indifference's and issues that continue to play on your subconscious and tell you that something isn't right and never will be.

You fight it off and continue with your every day life and then it happens. One of you decides that they can no longer exist as part of this couple, this marriage, this intimate relationship that hasn't been intimate in quite some time.

There are so many things to take into account. There's the emotional shock and the raw reality that builds by the moment but you have to push it aside so you can deal with the practical logistics such as:

  • What do we tell the kids and how will we "share" their time?
  • Who is moving out and who is staying in the house?
  • How are we going to manage the finances?
  • What will we tell our friends and family?
  • Do we really hate each other more than we love each other or do we even love each other at all?
  • What's it going to be like being single again?
Then comes the actual split and although it has been in the making and decided upon by both parties, it still hits you like a bolt of lightening.

And one night, for the first time in many years, you find yourself sitting alone at the dining room table barely eating some take out food and dealing with the harshness of knowing that your kids are not coming home (because the X has them tonight) and asking yourself that scary and daunting question:
"What now?"
Well we'd like to help you find that answer from our own similar experiences and how we as individuals have resolved things at least for a week or two. We're talking about travelling in the company of others who have recently parachuted into single/solo/it's just me status and leaving everything else behind.

Let's face it, your married friends can't relate and it's comforting to be with people who have felt similar pain, anger and hurt and like you, just want to start their lives over again and get past the wreckage.
When it comes to the type of travel, there are those who choose an adventure type tour where they cycle through the Loire Valley and hike in the Swiss Alps. Others just want some quiet and relaxation at a luxurious spa and to enjoy a fantastic dinner in the company of those who have come on their own as well.

There are Culinary Themed Tours, Cycling, Skiing, Art History and Performing Arts.
No matter the type of traveller you are, we can plan the right trip for you and you'll enjoy a well deserved break.

Will this fix everything that has broken? No.

Will this provide you with some time to clear your head? Yes.

Will you find yourself in moments of laughter, wonder and bliss? Yes.

Travel is medicine for the soul and when life throws its punches, you can either lay there on the ground or get up and move on.

We're all about "moving on".

Voyages Groupe Ideal - Ideal Travel
We get what you need because when you talk - we listen.
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