Sikkim & East India - Amazing Beauty, Culture & People

Travel lovers want to explore every part of the world where they can find unique natural beauty to explore in vastly. East India is one of the favorite destinations for those ambitious travelers. 

Planning a visit to North East India will definitely the best way you can spend your vacation. Whether you want to enjoy your leisure in natural ambience or you are looking to capture some valuable moments in the vicinity of Indian culture, tradition, and rituals, you should book your tickets to the state. There are many beautiful things to notice in the region such as the divine natural beauty, ethnic blend of trend and customs and generous Shillong people. They are friendly enough to offer you a comfort zone when you talk to them. For this reason, you will love to check out some reasonable Shillong and Sikkim tour Packages online. Here are some important things that you can ensure to have during your trip to North East India.

Experience Natural Beauty

There is no lack of unforgettable natural scenes in Eastern India, especially Sikkim. Blessed with speculating landscapes, fauna and flora, this place looks like the haven for adventure lovers and naturalists. As the state is situated at the elevation of 8,586 meters, you can enjoy a marvelous view of natural beauty from the top. Also, the highest point of the state, Summit of Kanchenjunga is worth watching as it is the third highest peak of the world. Numbers of monasteries and lakes in the place are waiting for you to give vibrant, lively looks. Gangtok, Phodong, Rumtek, Pemayangtse and Yuksom-dzongri trekking route are few places of tourists’ interest here.

Meet Generous People

Going to East India is a good idea to refresh and rejuvenate your mind completely. The friendly and generous people of the state are good enough to welcome you in their state. They are famous for being warm-hearted and co-operative with tourists. Also, they are helpful and welcoming by nature so that you will love to talk with them, spend time with them and collect more information about the local places to see. The ethnic blend of Bhutias, Nepalis, Lepchas etc. and all living their cultures and religions together make the state interesting to be visited.

Home to Art and Festivals

Sikkim is counted among those states of the country which are known for a grand celebration of common Indian festivals. Whether it is Dussehra or Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi or Vishwakarma Jayanti, the local people are full of enthusiasm and they live all these festivals with great passion. The Sikkimese language is also an attraction of the state but it requires to be learnt or spoken under any language trainer. For this reason, travelers to Sikkim should learn a little bit of their language for better understanding.

So, have you done your mindset for a trip to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh or Sikkim anytime of the year?

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