Monkey River, a Belize Adventure to Spot Exotic Wildlife

The quiet village of Monkey River in southern Belize (not far from Placencia) is a habitat for a plethora of flora and fauna and as a result, it has been rated as one of the region's top tours. Tropical birds, butterflies, crocodiles, iguanas, howler monkeys, manatees, ocelots, and maybe even jaguars are just a few of the wildlife species that visitors see on this tour.

The tour stops at various locations to give visitors an opportunity to explore a bit of the jungle on foot, (keeping an eye out for snakes and spiders!). Howler monkeys will make their presence known with their famous calls, inviting children and adults to join in all the fun. Following well-marked paths, visitors can learn from their guides about the rich variety of medicinal plants, insects and animals that call the area home.

If you’re sensitive to the sun, be sure to be prepared by bringing and applying plenty of sunscreen, wearing loose clothing and/or wearing a hat. Due to the abundance of insects in the jungle, it is also recommended that visitors bring insect repellent and wear protective clothing for hiking through the jungle.

Not designed to be a high-adrenaline adventure, a cruise up the Monkey River is instead a way to relax and enjoy the unspoiled scenery while keeping one eye open for some of the many interesting mammals, reptiles, birds and marine creatures that inhabit this unspoiled area.

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