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Egypt The Land of Cradle of Human Civilization

Egypt is completely rich in all factors of splendor and glamour, that’s why it occupies a prestigious position in the Middle East area. In other words, Egypt features are unique as it brings all means of luxury, fun, and relaxation that anyone wishes. Egypt is like a paradise that offers an unstoppable delight for its guests, thus its visit is like a blissful dream. Let’s have a quick tour inside Egypt to know more about what makes it distinctive.

Geographic Location:

Egypt is situated in the extreme Northeast of Africa and Southwest of Asia. Cairo is the historical capital of Egypt, the home of civilization and the beacon of science. Egypt is divided by the Nile River, one of the longest river in the world, crossing from North to South. Most of the Egyptians live on the banks of the Nile as it floods the neighboring fields and fertilizes them for an agricultural prosperity. Egypt also overlooks two seas that have vital importance; the Red Sea in the East, and the Mediterranean Sea in the North.

Charming Weather:

The weather in Egypt is moderate all over the year. In summer, it’s humid and cool in the Delta and the Coastal cities on the seashores of the Red and the Mediterranean Sea. In Winter, it’s mild and rainy, but often it’s bright sunny days and warm nights. High temperatures in Summer can be moderated by the northern winds. Thinking, this weather is suitable for more relaxing vacations.

Glorious History:

Another characteristic advantage in Egypt is its bright history and its wealthy 7000 years of civilization that left precious treasures and marvelous relics of different periods of history. The Pharaonic ancestors erected an immortal glory that lived for thousands of years by its time-honored monuments and temples. This Pharaonic civilization was the beacon of religion, the instructor of Hieroglyphs, and the founder of mummifications in ancient eras and still learn the world more secrets. Ancient Egypt landmarks are still one of the most attractive factors in Egypt. Many visitors of different nationalities come to Egypt to cast their eyes on these glamorous remnants. Another choice is to perambulate this sightseeing on board Egypt Nile Cruises.

Political Role:

Egypt geographic location provides it with an essential worth on the political side as a leader of the Middle East countries. Egypt Political influence makes it the most important country in the area. Also as it a safe country, it always hosts the world leaders and presidents in the most crucial meetings and conferences. These significant events provide Egypt with a big fame in the world milieu and send a message to all who hopes to visit it says: Egypt is the country of safety and security, advising them to book Egypt tours safely for more comfort.

Marvelous Beaches and Resorts :

Far from the hustle, Egypt offers an additional option to relax and refresh your mood on the seashores of the Red Sea in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and El Gouna, enjoying many activities in the Sea; snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Egypt Tour Packages offers a variety of trips to cover all Egypt beauty.

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