In today’s world the sharing economy or collaborative consumption is changing the way we do business and we socialize with others.

Some experts believe that this new trend is the next generation of the internet, which provides the social context for a peer-to-peer connections. The sharing economy is a revolution of underutilized time, space, skills and resources.

Today anyone can be a tour guide a car rental agency, a professor, offer his home as a hotel or offer other services. People can save or make money easily with web-based services that provide them with the social context to do so.

Nowadays instead of buying or renting from a company, neighbors, friends-of-friends and perfect strangers can do business with each other. Now anyone can be a social  entrepreneur… virtually overnight.
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Aware of that unstoppable trend , we encourage passionate people like you to share their local knowledge and expertise with worldwide travelers.
You know better the unique characteristics of you place and community and how can enrich others in many ways.
In grandtourGO ( we have broken down a wide range of activities into four main categories:
Don’t hold back in creating your own experience or tour! Look around you and start thinking which will be your contribution to the society and make money at the same time.
Picture of Tolga
These are our recommendations:
-Try to be original and creative and, above all, makes sure that the activities and experiences you offer highlight the cultural and social values of the community.
-Take a moment to see what other locals offer elsewhere and be inspired.
-Do not limit yourself to one activity. The more activities you provide, the more opportunities you have to share your special places and to offer your expertise.
Meet some local entrepreneurs from the four corners of our planet:
Naokai is a passionate traveler and japanese culture lover who offers tours in Tokyo.
Tolga is a professional and highly knowledgeable tour guide from Istanbul who has designed an exclusive portfolio of cultural activities to seduce the most demanding travelers.
Beatrice is a very active person with an excellent touch and sophistication capable of offering super exclusive tours around France and Spain.
Gem is a foodie and very spiritual person with a great concern of needy people who loves sharing her cooking knowledge with worldwide travelers visiting Hanoi.

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