Due to poverty syndrome that has escalated the nation, people often avoid attending health facilities because they don't have something to pay from their own pockets and because of this reason, most of the people encounter premature death as a result of depression and inability to take care of themselves.
The impact of HIV/AIDS is deepening and getting worse as the economy continues to deteroriate. The need for action to effectively control, manage, provide support for those affected by the disease and prevent its further spread is urgent.



This is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to care for people with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers work at special clinics for HIV/AIDS patients providing care and support and directly with local community based organization providing support, counselling and programs for those unfortunate enough to be infected. As a volunteer you can help the casualties suffering from opportunistic diseases to reverse the quality of life in many communities. There is a lot to learn and experience working on these projects. Most of the persons living with HIV/AIDS receive care from the relatives mostly children of the patients at their own homes. We all as human beings have responsibilities for one another.

Volunteer's responsibilities
You offer care and support for HIV/AIDS infected and affected children and people.
Volunteer’s intervention is required and very welcomed to help care for the patients who have often been left out of the social circle due to their condition.
Engage in educational and training activities meant to increase awareness and stop the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the Kenyan communities.
Assist in vocational training for the HIV infected persons who have either lost their jobs or unemployed
Home and school visitation for the children who are rendered Orphans or vulnerable due to the direct and indirect effect of the HIV/AIDS on them.
Other activities set out by the community based organization shall be among your responsibilities
Organizations who work on the HIV/AIDS problem have established different community outreach programs such as hospital care, recreational and educational programs, voluntary counselling and testing, and educational seminars and conferences on the virus within the local community.

Program Objectives.
To offer education, sensitization, care and support for affected and infected people.
To offer a peer education, educational campaign and awareness for the youth on the preventive measures and dangers of the disease.
To expand the volunteer's knowledge on the dangers and socio-economic problems associated with HIV/AIDS so there can be an increasing global action and awareness.
To promote greater community residents participatory role and the sense of responsibility for development projects to boost maintenance and sustainability of such projects.
To promote friendliness between volunteers' community and that of the beneficiary communities.
To offer volunteers deeper understanding and experience of other cultures and economies.

Program Duration and Dates
The HIV/AIDS Program is opened to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend a minimum of two weeks to one year on the program.
This program is open to anyone who wants to share their love, time and compassion with the HIV/AIDS patients. There are no specific qualifications required, however you should understand that you will not do anything that may stigmatize any of the people you meet in the course of your work. You need to have an open mind and a willing heart.
How can a volunteer instantly identify his contributions after participation?
Life will be better for those infected with HIV/AIDS as you attend to them with love and care they do not get from their family and friends, by this you will see yourself become a friend to someone few people understand and smile with.
Family and friends shall gain a better understanding of the disease or problem and what is required of them for the affected person.
Tears will be shed during your departure by those you are leaving behind having developed a passion and such a great joy felt by the affected persons during your participation and your work, love and commitment. Such a great love you have brought to someone in need.
There will be a greater awareness of the disease or problems in the work community, especially among the students and youth to be approached with educational programs.
How will you benefit from volunteering in this program?
You will be proud of yourself for positively affecting someone's life in your own means to change.
You will discover more about yourself to and what you are capable of doing on your own which will definitely help you in making many vital decisions like your future career etc.
You will experience a true and pure culture of a different kind in different communities.
You will enhance on your knowledge on life, society, care the HIV/AIDS disease and its effect on people.
It shall be such a great adventure and experience of a life time.
Opportunity to make friends with people from different background.
An opportunity to acquire knowledge for educating your peers back home about the disease.

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