How to Rent a Car in Chicago O'Hare Airport?

The moment somebody mentions Chicago, one instantly begins to think of yummy and lip smacking Chicago style hot dogs, Chicago style deep dish pizzas, the iconic Maxwell Street Polish sausages (a hot favorite among all the people who live nearby as well as the subway commuters as well as the students, but of course that goes without saying), the
classy and sensuous jazz music that one can hear the moment one walks in Andy’s (Jazz Club and Restaurant), or say the Green Mill, or even the Jazz Showcase, and, last but not the least, famous (or infamous, depending on your perception) gangster Al Capone. However, the culture of Chicago is incomplete without a mention of its iconic Sears Tower and of course, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which also happens to be the sixth busiest airport in the entire world, in terms of the passenger traffic it receives.

Now, being such a big airport (it spans a staggering 7627 acres), along with the fact that it receives such a larger
number of passengers every day, most of them would opt for a car rental in O'Hare airport rather than taking the subway or a cab. Having your own car (even if it has been rented out) proves to be very useful in the long run as it makes for easier navigation and commuting across town.

Therefore, with the help of this article, we will guide you through the process of renting a car at the Chicago O’Hare
International Airport. We hope that we will have been able to help you with the knowledge of opting for a car rental in Chicago at the end of this article. Read on to find out about the process.


Upon your arrival at the airport, you will exit the gate and proceed to the CBP processing area. Once you are done with that (that is, once you have gotten clear of the CBP Processing area), you should proceed to the vestibule numbered as 5C, after which you should proceed to Carousel no 10 to collect your luggage and then finally exit the airport through Gate no 10, Terminal no 5.


Passengers, who want to rent a car, may proceed to the various car rental offices that line the exit, such as Hertz,
Enterprise, Avis, Budget, Alamo, National, Thrifty, etc.


For example, if you were to choose the Hertz company, then, we have described further steps below.


While opting for the Hertz Company for renting a car, you must make sure that you possess a Hertz gold credit card, as it will help you secure a good car at a discount.


You must be carrying your return airline ticket as well as two different forms of identification with you which, of course must be valid.


Irrespective of which car you rent, you must use your debit or credit card to pay them at the end of your rental agreement.


You must sign several documents, which deal with your identification proofs, your origin (that is, which airport you’re coming from) and your departure (when you will be going back), etc.


And voila! You are done. After completing the above formalities, you will be handed a copy of your rental agreement as well as the keys of the car that you will have rented.

Therefore, this is all there is to know about the car rental in Chicago airport. We hope this article has been of
great help to you.

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