Our well-travelled staff have brainstormed and come up with an adventure travel Wish List for Santa. Here are a few of our gift ideas and we'd love to hear some of yours.

(1) Small powerful flashlight. Think rural Chinese toilets at night!

(2) A colourful sarong. You can wrap yourself in it post-swim, cover for temple visits, brighten an outfit or use it as a sleep sheet on an Indian train.

(3) Extra camera batteries and storage. You can never have enough.

(4) Camp, water-resistant duffle bag that can be used as a carry on.

(5) Shoes of the comfortable walk-the-World kind. Put these shoes and a pair of sandals in your bag and that's all you need.

(6) Fund a micro loan, give a cow, or pay for a Cambodian childs school in honor of a friend. Visit www.kiva.com, www.heifer.org, or www.sustainableschoolsinternational.org for ideas.

(7) A Polaroid (yes!) camera and stock up on film. Raid the charity shops, mail order or look to Japan to buy the film before they stop making it. Why? Because it's fun to share photos in remote places.

(8) Global music for dancing like no one's looking!

(9) A personalised gift basket of travel necessities: super absorbent towel, anti bacterial gel, moleskin, asprin, rehydration and vitamin tabs, baby wipes, band aids. Be creative!

(10) And when all else fails, in recessionary times, a travel date at your favorite ethnic restaurant might keep you going until your next trip

What would you add to the list?

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