As we sailed the blue deep ocean waters while enjoying a cold bittersweet drink, we looked over to the horizon and spotted an awesome sight. We knew now we were approaching the "infamous" resort that everyone had spoken of. In particular the USA sales manager of this resort had offered ,several times, that I visit it and had extended unconditional hospitality. In addition of being a "Dear trusted friend, she is also undoubtely one of the most exquisite people I have encountered throughout the journey of my life" . Her dedication and commitment to whatever she does is unparalleled. She has represented a particular Island resort of the Mamanucas Islands, Castaway Resort for years. Once I arrived at Castaway Resort , it was a surprise in many ways. The beaches were clear, clean, and so intensely exclusive that I felt as if I had been flown off to a planet yet unknown to me . The staff, the cuisine , the graciousness of the ambiance, were all so welcoming that I still remember those 2 days with fond memories and great beauty. A place which must be in the A list of "places to visit" for any traveler.

As I walked the beach one balmy afternoon I noticed a canoe floating not too far from the beach. As I tried to get a clear view of it, I saw a hand waiving and a voice greeting me. I , of course, greeted back by waiving and as the local smiled at me I also smiled back. At that moment I felt a timeless peace as somehow that smile, that vision of a naive moment moved me . I wish all the moments of our everyday life would be so calm, so welcoming, so carefree. As I continued my walk, the canoe got closer to the shallow beach and a local , once again, upon smiling and waiving asked me if I wanted to canoe for a few minutes. I , of course , agreed without fear and accepted his offer to get on "board'. The sailor (as I addressed him) rode for a while pointing to places, to horizons and to many fish which I had never noticed earlier on. Being so proud to be a Fijian he talked about his ancestors, and how this same ocean had brought them to be on these islands.

It was a great experience together with all that the resort has to offer. As a tour operator we have excellent pricing and packages which we are offering to Castaway Island Resort . Call us for details and bookings.

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