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India is a beautiful country which is a world unto itself. There is something to explore for every tourist on our various tours to India.  Such a tourist destination as India is hard to find. Every idea, culture, race and religion finds an expression here. This very fact makes it an unbeatable and incomparable destination.  Anyone traveling to India would discover the inexhaustible cultural heritage. From the time immemorial, India has been the melting pot of different cultures from across the world. Firstly, the great march of Aryans who came to India during the period 1500-500 B.C. As they began to settle in different parts of India, a great culture arose which was later to be called Vedic culture. It was during this time that Hinduism attained its sublime heights. The Vedas and Upanishads were composed by the great mystics during this time.


Subsequently, a great many people came like Greeks, Huns, Muslims and British. The interaction of Indian culture with all these different cultures enriched India in many ways. There are number of   customized tours to India for the traveler to unravel the various cultural layers of India. For the tourists, there is such diversity of places and heritage to explore you would be enchanted. The intermingling of Indian culture with all successive waves of emigration to India gave rise to a composite Culture, Ganga –Yamuni Tehjeev as it is called in India. The quintessential India destinations every tourist must visit are Banaras, Kanchipuram and Haridwar, to name a few. These are the places which have been nerve –centers of Great Indian spiritual evolution.


India in itself is a great journey.  The startling panorama of Indian destinations   would make you feel the essence of this journey on the tours to India. It is home to every climate and geographical topography. Needles to mention, very few places in the world offer such geographical diversity. In the North of India, the majestic Himalayas are an unparalleled tourist attraction the like of which is nowhere to be seen. In the lap of the Great Himalayas, explore the unique beauty of Kashmir Valley. In the Deep South, the Arabian Sea with its warm currents is so soothing to behold with its rolling waves. In between these two poles, the great expanse of Indian culture lies. 


 The greatest and most popular cultural destination the traveler would experience is none other than Taj Mahal. If you ask any tourist visiting India of his favorite Indian destination, the ubiquitous answer would be Taj Mahal. It is the reason great many of tours to India are tailored around Taj Mahal. Not to be outdone, Rajasthan and Kerala are equally very popular with the tourists. The heroic tales and royal grandeur of Rajasthan still sweeps through the streets there. Kerala with its verdant sea-green scenery attracts millions of travelers every year. The Kerala backwaters are very popular with the visitors. You would love the leisurely pace of life around here. In short, the tours to India capture the quintessence of Indian experience.



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