As I woke up after  a long journey  one early morning, I  heard  a symphony been played , the  waves slamming against the  rocks . I walked to a  large  window across the bed and  after trying  to open the drapes , when they finally  did to my amazement  I was looking over a magnificent blue/emerald ocean at the end of an infinity pool  on the deck of this  magnificent  overwater villa.

Astonished as I was I realized that I had forgotten that I arrived late, the night before ,after a long journey. and had not really  noticed my surroundings. Never did I imagine to have reached this far away from  home but neither did I imagine  to be awaken by this  stupendous and  natural beauty.  No other  human stood between me on the villa deck and the horizon which remained  etched in my mind. 

I have traveled the world around and never imagined such  natural beauty to  overwhelm me.  Maldives, is  literally  situated at the bottom of the earth ( so to speak) .

Pictures may always be there to remind me of the astonishing beauty but memories will be  with me forever as I live through those moments every second of my life. 

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