Mokokchung is a modern town complete with concrete houses, tarred roads and even traffic jams.It is the district capital of the district of Mokochung, home to the Ao Nagas. With mostly inhabited by the Ao Naga tribe, Christianity is the predominant religion of this district. Around 95% of the population residing within the destination is Baptist and the Ao Naga tribe were the ones who introduced Christianity in the region in 19th century. In addition, the place is also known as the cultural and intellectual capital of the state of Nagaland.Ungma is the largest village of Ao tribe and second largest in Nagaland is 4.2 Kms from Mokokchung town. It is a delight to walk around this village. You will see the pillar that leads to heaven. Inside the “Morung”, a male dormitory where young Naga males learn their culture , you will come across “Lokcham” , an enormous drum made of tree trunks. The Baptist Church in the village, founded in 1876 by Dr.E.W.Clark, speaks of the early advent of Christianity here. The local school which was established in 1914 which explains the high literacy rate of this village.A hike to the local cemetery , where epitaphs are written in Ao language and to the local park is quite a contrast. But in the local park you will have to be careful of the teeming caterpillars.

Another 5.5 Kms from Ungma village is the Settsu village and another 10.6 kms drive will lead you to Longkhum village, where a visit to the local scholar and scientist,S.A.Longkumer’s workshop is a must. His workshop is full of handmade wooden artifacts with Ao motifs and culture. The Moatsu festival of the Aos is celebrated during the first week of May each year. To catch the festival head to Chuchuyimlang village, an hour and a half drive from Mokokchung town. The location of this village, high on a hill, is its best feature. Each house in the village looks out on to an unending lush chain of hills, which change color with the rising sun. The tourist lodge, while situated away from the village, is perfectly positioned to receive the evening sunlight.

Mopungchuket, a village,17.5 kms from Mokokchung town, is perhaps the best kept village in Nagaland. Often referred to as Ao heartland, you can absorb yourself in tribal culture here. Every house opens onto a well tended garden, and the people are accustomed to visitors and welcome a chat.This village was established somewhere in the 10th or 11th century as per the locals. Hanging bridges,lakes,local sculpture gardens and a time pillar soaring to infinity speaks of the village’s serenity and landscape. A highlight of the village is a walk to Longlangba or the “mystical staircases”. It speaks of a local romantic legend, the story of a beautiful girl Itiben and her equally handsome boyfriend, Jina. You can see their footprints, bed and even their butt prints engraved in the stones. Itiben and Jina, the Romeo and Juliet of the Aos. You can also the traditional bamboo morungs and shaky steps in the Longrenam Park.

Anywhere in Mokokchung , you will see that anybody can visit anybody,which is off course reflective of the whole Naga culture. Here the young have a deep respect for the elderly. Mokochung is known for its hills and rugged terrain; presences of several gorges as well as glens that make their way through these hills add to the natural beauty of the place. On western side, you will come across two valleys named Tuli and Changki.

Some major attractions in this district are Longkum,Ungma,
Chuchuyimlang,Settsu,Mopungchuket. And do not miss out on trekking ,walking or cycling through these villages.

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