Monsoon Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Monsoon Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

The monsoons in Mumbai city can be pretty chaotic. There’s an increase in traffic jams, the downpour can be heavy and there are many instances of flooding. On the positive side, the monsoon is the best time to escape the city life.

On the outskirts of Mumbai and in Maharashtra there are many hill stations, beach towns, and forts that are ideal for a quick monsoon getaway. If you are looking for a monsoon getaway and aren’t sure of where to do, our guide to the best 16 monsoon getaways near Mumbai should help you pick that ideal destination.

Monsoon Weekend Getaways from Mumbai (Within 100 kilometers)

1. Karnala

Karnala is a stone’s throw away from Mumbai. Go here during the monsoon to enjoy one of the most scenic treks in Maharashtra. The climb up to the Karnala Fort during the rains is a wonderful experience.

You get to see the entire meadow transformed into one big green blanket and the streams of water are a magical sight. The bird sanctuary here on the other is hand sees over 198 species of birds singing and dancing in the rain. Most of these are migratory birds that come here from afar.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 48 kilometres

2. Karjat

Located close to Mumbai, Karjat is a beautiful place for a monsoon getaway. In the rainy season, the foliage around the roads blooms with a pure green tinge that makes exploring the outdoors a fun experience.

In Karjat there are many adventure activities like trekking and rock climbing conducted. For those who love movies, a visit to the N D Theme Park will be an awesome experience. Here they have replicas of sets from some famous Bollywood and Hollywood films. Other cool things to do in the monsoon here are exploring the Kondana Caves and a few waterfalls.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 64 kilometres

3. Matheran

If there is one place that offers a clean, cool and refreshing environment then that place is Matheran. The hill station is a haven of activity, there so much to do here that one can never get bored. You can go sightseeing, visit numerous temples, and indulge in some delicious local cuisine.

In the monsoon, Matheran turns into a paradise for adventure lovers. During this time, there are many treks that can be undertaken here. One of the most famous treks in Matheran is the trail that leads to the One Tree Hill. So, the next time you’re looking for a monsoon weekend getaway near Mumbai, you know where to go.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 80 kilometres

4. Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra. Here you can find plenty of activities and experiences to enjoy; there are waterfalls, beautiful hills, and even lakes. You can go trekking, rock climbing, and even enjoy a quiet relaxed time at the lakes.

Lonavala is ideal to experience in the monsoon as the weather is cool and chilly.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 83 kilometers

5. Durshet

Looking for a short weekend trip that is less crowded than the other hill stations and beaches? Then we suggest you head to Durshet. Blessed with beautiful landscape views and lovely surroundings, Durshet has everything you need to enjoy yourself to the maximum.

With so much to do, you’ll wonder where to start. Here, you can experience many outdoor adventure sports, go trekking to some lovely hills and even enjoy watersports at the Amba River.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 87 kilometers.

6. Alibaug

Alibaug has pristine beaches, gorgeous old-style bungalows, and even some beautiful forts. Ideal for a weekend monsoon getaway from Mumbai, go here if you love exploring the outdoors but are not too keen on trekking and adventure sports.

To get to Alibaug, one can take a boat from the Gateway of India or just drive down from Mumbai. Popular tourist attractions in Alibaug are the Kolaba and Murud-Janjira forts and the Varsoli and Alibaug beaches. There’s also a famous lighthouse here, where a few Marathi and Hindi films were shot.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 95 kilometres

Monsoon Weekend Getaways within 200 kilometers of Mumbai

7. Kamshet

Kamshet is generally known for its paragliding activities. However, if you are willing to explore this popular hill station, you’ll find that it has plenty of other outdoor experiences to enjoy.

Its location in the Western Ghats makes it a prime spot for trekking and hiking and there are a few caves here that are magical to explore. Blessed with many forts, tourists who come here can also explore the region’s rich historical remains.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 113 kilometres

8. Kolad

Kolad is the ultimate weekend monsoon getaway for anyone looking to thrill their adventurous side. In this town, there are some fabulous campsites, where adventure sports and group activities are conducted.

The most famous outdoor activity held here is water rafting during the monsoon. People from across the country come here to enjoy water sports in the waters of Kolad. Other fun adventure sports to enjoy here are trekking, zip lining and canoeing.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 122 kilometres

9. Jawhar

Situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra, Jawhar has many natural attractions to see. An unknown place, at Jawhar you will see waterfalls, forts, and the famous Jai Vilas Palace. There are also lookout points that offer splendid views of the hills. Popular among these are Hanuman and Sunset points.

Jawhar is also a great place if one loves shopping for art. At this hill station, the Warli art is very famous. In the markets, you’ll find many artists selling their Warli paintings on canvas, mugs, among much else.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 140 kilometres

10. Malshej Ghat

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the thrills and chills that nature has to offer, visit Malshej Ghat. Here, you will find plenty of scenic hiking trails that are just fabulous to explore in the monsoon. The Darkoba Peak, Jivdhan Chawand Fort, and the Ajoba Hill Fort are some trekking trails that are worth exploring.

At Malshej Ghat, you can travel to the Harishchandragad Fort Trek, a 6th-century fort rooted in history, to learn about rich architectural styles of the Maratha Empire. If you still keep learning more, head 40 kilometres ahead to the famous Shivneri Fort.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 140 kilometres

11. Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a hidden weekend getaway spot that is quite literally unexplored. Not so popular as compared to the other hill stations in Maharashtra, this place does throw a few surprises.

Here you will find sprawling greenery and gorgeous waterfalls that are great for exploring, especially in the monsoons. Whether you like trekking, camping and even driving through clean and open roads, Bhandardara has it all for you.  Once you’ve completely explored this hill station, head further to the holy city of Shirdi that isn’t too far away from Bhandardara.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 163 kilometres

12. Harihareshwar

Although it is famous for its temples, the town of Harihareshwar has some fabulous beaches that are worth visiting during the monsoon. The beaches here are peaceful and quite unlike the ones in Goa and Alibaug.

The beaches that are surrounded by hills turn into a magical wonderland in the monsoon, leaving all those who visit in awe. A few must-visit places in Harihareshwar are Ganesh Gully, the Harihareshwar Beach, and Bhagamandala.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 197 kilometres

Monsoon Weekend Getaways (Within 200 kilometres)

13. Wai

Wai has long been a Bollywood favorite. In this quaint little town, you will find very beautiful ponds and some gorgeous lakes.

There are also some temples that will give you the feeling of being in the holy town of Haridwar. Go here during the monsoon to escape the noisy city life.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 229 kilometres

14.  Panchgani

If exploring nature is something that you absolutely love, then visiting Panchgani in the monsoon is just what you should do. This hill station has some of the best lookout points and natural attractions in the Satara region. Attractions like Mount Malcolm, Table Land, Wilson Point and the Bombay Point all offer splendid views of the hills.

In the rainy season, the scenes from here are so pretty that one would often confuse it with a fairytale.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 242 kilometres

15. Tapola

Called Mini Kashmir because of its scenic beauty, Tapola is situated close to Mahabaleshwar. An excellent destination for nature lovers, this place has all the right setting for a monsoon getaway near Mumbai. The forts here are deeply connected to India’s history and offer scenic views of the Mahabaleshwar Valley.

Tapola Lake is yet another beautiful spot for tourists. Not only can one enjoy beautiful scenic views, but they can also indulge in kayaking and water rafting. Around the lake, there are free camping sites that are ideal for those who love to spend time outdoors.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 298 kilometres

Monsoon Weekend Getaways more than 300 kilometres of Mumbai

16. Koyna Dam

Located in the Satara region, the Koyna Dam is a cool monsoon weekend destination for anyone looking to avoid crowded holiday spots. Near the dam, there are a few temples and forts to see. Besides this, there is also boating conducted at the river. However, one should note that when it pours heavily, there is no boating conducted.

Although you wouldn’t find a variety resorts in Koyna Dam, there are a few homestays and hotels in the villages nearby that offer comfortable rooms and very good local cuisines.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 348 kilometres

17. Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is an ideal destination for any traveller looking to get away to a quiet secluded beach in Maharashtra. The place is blessed with beautiful beaches that are surrounded by the cosy hills and the famous Ganesha Temple.

Just like the other beaches in Maharashtra such as Alibaug and Kamshet, there are watersports on offer at Ganpatipule. You can explore the Jaigad Fort if you have the time.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 354 kilometres

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