Over the years I have read and watched about the metropolitan city of Boston, Massachusetts. The city is fast paced, effervescent, and dynamic. Boston offers a great deal of, what I call the good life, the facilities, the stable business structure, and a great hub for career oriented people. It would be in my best interest to be in an environment as challenging and conducive to learning as the atmosphere of Boston University. My knowledge about the campus is based on what I have learned from the prospectus, the university webpage and recommendations from the student counselor at my current college.

What interests me the most about Boston University is, it being one of the leading research institutes in the world, for I believe knowledge that is not backed up by research, can not be concrete. Another very important reason is the frame work of different majors that the university offers, wider choice so wider career opportunities. I have done my home work with the help of online tutors from this site about the faculty of the university, which I believe is one of the strongest reasons to choose this university over any other. My research also tells me that on average 3000 students graduate from BU every year, that come from many different back grounds and cultures, I therefore want to be a part of this multi-cultured environment that promotes tolerance and an interest to learn with diversity.


At the BU, as an undergraduate, I want to excel in the field of international relations, a subject that I take keen interest in. While I pursue my studies in the course of achieving the degree, I want to learn much more than what books have to offer, I want to know what others have to say and be a part of an interactive study program. I believe in projecting the best of me and my background to my fellows at the university, while at the same time, competing against the best of the best and proving my worth.

I have come to know that Martin Luther King JR was a graduate of the Boston University. Like him as a role model, I wish to receive the Nobel Prize one day. I believe the BU can help me see my ambition come true.

I recently read about what your website calls, the BU advantage, I am interested in education that has fusion of liberal arts with professional education. This background can take me a long way in the pursuit of my goal, which is to excel in every endeavor of life. This combination makes sure that one is jack of all trades, and at the same time master of ONE!

The campus life at BU, as I have found out can be described in one word: amazing. The everyday routine, the libraries, the accommodation in Boston, the social activities and sports are to me a platinum package of life. A lot of what I have come across at the website attracts me in a way that I genuinely want to be a part of the BU lifestyle.

The technological ways of teaching, such as multimedia, simulations, discussion panels and online tutorials from here give BU an edge over other institution choices I may have. Since I have been educated from an elite institute, I am already familiar with many of such methods of study and I understand completely how such an approach helps develop concepts, and put a view point across far better than conventional methods can.

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