National Museum Esie, The Oldest Museum in Nigeria

Esie Stone Image was the name of the oldest museum in Nigeria now it is called National Museum Esie. This museum was actually founded by a re-known hunter who is by name Baragbon. Baragbon migrated from Oyo the origin of Yoruba, traceable to Okanbi, Oduduwa son the Progenitor of Yoruba race as far back as 1775 and sojourned in Esie land in kwara state , . One day, this great hunter was hunting in a tick bush and accidently founded stone images in human form seated orderly in a circular arrangement. Sculptures are known to be artistic intentional and purposeful work, what can you then say to these thousands of images (human scriptures) founded in a bush with different traces of human activities, tribal marks, social events, with musical instruments, dancers forms, spectators form, town crier form, farming positions etc but most noticeable among them is the king setting, with all the guides, queens, chiefs, and palace itself etc, this is a complete human being settlement, this is awesome. No-body knows the origin of these images, the makers and what has happened. There are two schools of thought to the origin of the images. Do you belief this story?

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