The most challenging aspect of travelling is packing. Forget about language barrier, cultural differences or anything else. Packing is where the real struggle lies. If you're like me and you can never get a suitcase to close however much you try, here are some invaluable tips to help you through one of life's greatest challenges: how to pack a suitcase.

1. Don't over-pack. I cannot stress this enough. Make a list of all the essential things you'll need during your journey. Then revise that list and remove all the items that you-may-or-may-not-need-but-what-if-there-is-an-emergency. Then stick to that list religiously when packing.

2. There are two main packing strategies you may try: rolling or folding. Rolling is particularly great for backpacks, but can also be used with other types of clothes. The name is self-explanatory and will avoid wrinkles on your clothes, while saving space. If you prefer folding, try folding two pieces of clothing together. The way to do this is to put down one piece of clothing, then put half the other piece over it. Then you fold the bottom one over the top one, and the top one over the folded piece of the bottom one. That way there's a bit of cushion between clothes, hopefully preventing too much wrinkling.

3. When packing a backpack, put the heavier items on the bottom. That way you'll be less likely to wrinkle the lighter items, and the backpack will feel lighter as well.

4. If despite all your best tries you still have to deal with wrinkles when you reach your destination, hang your clothes in the bathroom. The humidity will help with the creases.

5. If you're carrying an extra pair of shoes in your bag, make sure you use the space inside the shoes to store items, such as socks.

6. Don't put any valuables in your checked luggage, in case it's lost. This includes all your documents.

7. Gone are the days when you needed to pack copies of your documents. You still can, if you're old school and you fear we're headed to an imminent technological apocalypse (however slim the odds). But the best thing to safeguard your documents is to scan them and email the scans to yourself. That way, you always have a copy available in a safe, easily-accessible place.

8. If you're flying, don't pack gift-wrapped souvenirs. If your suitcase is opened by airport officials, they'll have to unwrap it.

9. Put your luggage in the trunk of your car hire, never on the back seat. This also applies to any valuables, such as your camera, smartphone or wallet - keep them out of sight.

10. Wear the heaviest things you need to take, rather than packing them. That way you save space inside your suitcase and distribute the weight.

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