An Introduction to Prince Edward Island

Most people have no idea where the little island I call home is. Prince Edward Island known as the "Gentle Island" or "Abegweit" this in Mi'kmaq, Epekwit'k, meaning cradled (or cradle) on the waves. Prince Edward Island is on the east coast of Canada, right beside New Brunswick. And no.. we do not live in Igloos. We live in houses! The population of PEI is around 141,000 give or take a few. The capital city is Charlottetown and our only other big city is Summerside. To give you an idea of how small we really are, we are only 2,194.57 square miles. We might be small but we have much to offer, we are more than just the home of Anne of Green Gables. To get to PEI we have our Confederation Bridge (build in 1997) which attaches us to the province of New Brunswick, but you can also get to us the old fashioned way, by ferry! We experience all four seasons here, in the summer it is hot and a bit of humidity, but not enough to make your stay indoors, in the fall we are cool but it is very refreshing and the leaves changing is a beautiful sight. In the winter it is very cold can get down to -30 degrees Celsius but all the skating rinks, and sleigh rides make up for it. The spring is enjoyable because all the snow is melting and you hear the birds singing again! No matter what season it is we always have a festival going on, to read about these festivals go to my link attached.

We also have some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. We have no mountains we can hardly call our hills real hills, but it makes it great for biking or walking in our National Parks. Our red Sand/soil is one of a kind, it is due to the iron in our soil, (perfect for growing potatoes!) not gonna be fun getting it out of white clothing. Tourism, farming and fishing are our major industries. Our Seafood is some of the best ever! whether it is lobster, mussels, fish or oysters, we have it here and it's all fresh! 

We have had many big name celebrities join us on our island, such as Regis and Kelly show, we also have our annual Cavendish Beach Music Festival with singers such as Tim McGraw, Lady A, Taylor Swift and many more. 

Golfing is also one of our many sports we have here with some of the best golf courses to be played in all of Canada. 

And for those lovers of ice cream, we have our very own! COWS ice cream is well known all around the world! Voted one of the 10 best in the world by Readers Digest, and I do admit, it is DELICIOUS! 

PEI's official website

I have mentioned very little of what we have to offer on PEI, but i'm leaving the rest for you to discover!

Hope to see you soon!

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