Diving and Spear Fishing for a Fresh Ceviche Lunch in Puerto Vallarta

Diving in Colomitos Cove

For the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to live a dual life, residing both in California and in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is where I call home during the winter months, as well as part of the summer.

My favorite month in Puerto Vallarta is the month of July. Many travelers stay away from Mexico in the summer months, as it is hot and humid and these are the months when the rains come. July to me is the perfect month to be on the Pacific side of Mexico. Less crowded with hot weather.

Being a surfer and a scuba diver, I love the Pacific when it is "sauna like." In July it may rain at night, but rarely in the day time. I enjoy the tropical rains. The vegetation is lush and green. It seems that everything grows in Mexico this time of the year.

On a overcast day in July I was invited to go diving with Puerto Vallarta Tours and Concierge, a leader in tours to the area. Long time Vallarta natives Sammy and Captain Victor are experts in navigating the seas and planning a dive trip in the waters of Banderas Bay. Local experts of the surrounding area, Sammy and Victor understand every aspect of the daily weather patterns including the ocean tides and the unpredictability in the weather. Finding great visibility in rainy season can be quite a challenge.

Sammy - Ready to prepare lunch

South of Puerto Vallarta, where the jungle meets the ocean, tiny coves like Colomitos offer some spectacular day trips, snorkeling and diving.


One happy fish I made eye contact with.


An adventurous traveler is always seeking out unknown places. On this day our destination would be a little known cove called Colomitos. While there are more known diving and snorkeling areas on the south side, including the rocks made famous by Jacques Coustau, Los Arcos. There are many lesser known spots to dock a boat, and have a day at sea.

The experience would take on a special meaning that I had never experienced on past dives. I soon found out that I would be spear fishing, collecting scallops off of giant rocks, and even grab a lobster, for a ceviche lunch. This made the day the special.

Snorkelers at Los Arcos

Los Arcos

On the return home we stopped at Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta's famous granite rock formations, sculpted by nature over thousands of years, sticking straight out of the water - a most spectacular site to see up close. If you have ever been to southern Thailand, these rock formations, although not as spectacular, take on a similarity.

Los Arcos - Hole in the Rock

The arches and caves are perfect for snorkelers and divers alike. The monolithic rock formations as high as 60 feet attract a vast array of marine life including rays, mantas, and eels.

The husband-and-wife team of Alejandra and Simon and their Puerto Vallarta Tours and Concierge staff seek out adventures that most tourist to Puerto Vallarta may never see.

A varied selection of different tours including ATV tours, canopy tours, ATV/canopy combo tours, snorkeling and scuba diving, private guided tours, fishing charters, airport transportation, cruise ship shore excursions, sunset cruises, golf, and much more.

Find your perfect Puerto Vallarta adventure: www.puertovallartatoursandconcierge.com

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