Experience Egypt Spiritual tour and join our Sacred Spiritual journey to Egypt to reconnect

with the ancient wisdom to enrich your soul and body, 12 days of Healing, Sacred sounds, Meditation.

initiation and Yoga in a sacred journey to the land of the Pharaohs.

The ancient Egyptians saw their land as a sacred reflection of heaven on earth and perceived the Nile as the earthly mirror of the Milky Way, We are called to sail upon this Celestial River to align with the Divine mother energy and to awaken our enteric power and experience the higher consciousness of the ancient land of Egypt. As we connect with the seven chakras of the Nile River, we activate the higher chakras within. 12 days spiritual tour of meditation, initiation, healing, sacred sounds, reconnection to ancient wisdom, reconnection to our ancestors, reconnection to the cosmos and the elementals, fun and laughter and friendship.
Egypt Spiritual tour overview:
Join this Spiritual journey of enlightenment and understand the true meaning of Oneness and harmony.
In this sacred spiritual tour of Egypt you will stand between the paws of Mighty Sphinx and exclusive visit inside the King’s Chamber of King Khufu with visit to the ancient temples of Egypt such as Philae Island, Abu Simble temple, Karnak and Luxor temple, Temple of Seti and Dandarah temple.

 We guarantee daily departure and flexibility, Best price so you can request it anytime.


Experience Egypt Spiritual Tour Highlights

Connect with The Egyptian chakra system.

Egyptian Temple of the Solar Plexus Chakra Healing.

Egyptian Temple of the Navel Chakra.Dendarah and Abydos Temple Heart Chakra.

Connect Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra at Giza pyramid.

Connect with Throat Chakra at Sakkara.

Enjoy Exclusive Visit to the king’s chamber of the great Pyramid.Meditation inside the King’s Chamber in the great Pyramid of Khufu 

Stand between the paws of the Sphinx.

Get inside the Red Pyramid of Senfru at Dahshur.

Take a private visit to Abydos and Dandarah temple.


Visit Abu Simble temple of King Ramses.

Visit the temple of Karnak and Luxor.

Cruising the Nile on board of Luxury cruise.

Stay in 5 stars hotels in Cairo.

Discover the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Private Egyptologist through all your stay in Egypt.

All transportation Private air-conditioned Van.

Day 1: Arrive Egypt

Upon your arrival in Egypt one of our staff will meet and assist you in getting your entry visa of Egypt

then you will be escorted to your Hotel in Cairo.

Day 2: Spiritual Program Preparation for Egypt

After your breakfast you will be transferred to spiritual workshop by Ladan Ratcliffe the renewed Meditation instructor in Egypt you will enhance your knowledge about the Egyptian Chakra System and the energies of the temples before starting your Spiritual journey in Egypt.

Day 3: Aswan-The Root Chakra City and Abu Simble Temple

Breakfast at your hotel then you will be escorted to the airport to fly to Aswan.

Upon arrival Meet & assist at Aswan Airport , then start your  Spiritual journey in Egypt.

Aswan city was the city of (Khunum the Ram headed God) God of creation who was responsible of creation of the newborn children so many people experience what we call it ( a New Birth) in Aswan the city of Root Chakrain Egypt.

Day 4: The temple of Ko –Ombo and Edfu Connect with the Navel Chakra

Cruising the Nile from Aswan towards Ko-ombo and Edfu temples to connect with the Navel chakra. Let us beat fear and negativity at this experience, the temple of Ko-ombo was dedicated to God Sobek the Crocodile and RA HR AKHTY The falcon Hours in the heaven. The God Sobek who was representing the Lower self and RA HR AKHA represents the Higher Self in this experience you will separate the struggle of lower and higher self to remove the fear and negativity.

After visiting Ko-ombo temple you will back to your cruise for lunch continue sailing towards Edfu temple.

The temple of Hours you will still in Navel Chakra area to remove the struggle between Goodness and Badness.

that inspired from the eternal story of ISIS, HORUS,SETH, OSIRIS. This story still depicted on the walls of the temple. After this visit, you will back to your cruise. At night enjoy your dinner on board and be ready for new experience next morning.

Day 5: Temple of the Solar Plexus Chakra Healing– The Karnak Temple

After your breakfast on board After the Navel Chakra are you will move to the solar plexus chakra place in Egypt that is the Karnak Temple the greatest temple of Amun one of the main Gods of ancient Egypt and the center of creation of the universe , the Karnak temple is a small image of the universe.

The essence and the importance of Karnak temple comes most alive in a small sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Sekhmet (the Lioness Goddess) of War and Healing. You will walk through the seven doors into Sekhmet’s temple and experience the magnificent energies of healing and activation that she offers. You will next visit Luxor temple, which is also associated with the Third chakra. The Temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body, incorporating its energy centers.

Day 6: Sightseeing Day in Luxor- Valley of the Kings

Enjoy a sightseeing day in Luxor in this day you will take an adventure to visit one of the most iconic 

Places of ancient Egypt, visit the Valley of the Kings the burial place of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Then visit the temple of Queen Hatshpsut and Memnon statue.then back for your cruise.

Lunch and Dinner will be on board.

Day 7: Dendarah and Abydos connect with the Heart Chakra

After breakfast on board, you will checkout from your Nile cruise, store your luggage at your hotel in Luxor city

then start your trip to Danderah temple of Goddess Hathor of love and music the sanctuary of Hathor

connected with the heart chakra after that move to Abydos temple of God Osiris. You will visit the Osirion the sacred place of Rebirth this place known as the place of healing and transformation after this visit you will back to Luxor, overnight at hotel. Meals , Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at Local Restaurant.

Day 8 : From Luxor Back to Cairo Free Day.

After your breakfast you will be escorted to Luxor airport to fly back to Cairo.

Upon arrival to Cairo Meet and assist then transfer to your hotel in Cairo.

Overnight at Cairo. free of leisure.

Day 9 :Khufu Pyramid & Sakkara connect with Throat & Third Eye Chakra.

In this Day you will visit, Sakkara and Giza pyramid two spots the center of awareness and knowledge at Sakkara, which is connected with the Throat Chakra; connect with Etheric realm of God Thoth.

God of Knowledge and Wisdom the Throat chakra is about the expression of yourself- Your truth

purpose in life, creativity all was inspired thousands of years ago from God Thoth.

The enlightened communicator. 

After that move to the high power and energy the king’s chamber Khufu chamber the center of

the world to connect with the Third Eye chakra then move to Sphinx to connect with the Soul chakra. Activate your third Eye chakra inside the great Pyramid by healing meditation inside the great Pyramid of Khufu

The idea behind awakening the Third Eye, or brow, chakra is to see things more clearly.

Day 10 : Explore Cairo Sights and Attractions

After you Sacred Spiritual journey to Egypt you will have a sightseeing day tour in Cairo

to visit the most famous sights of Cairo, start with the Egyptian Museum to explore the treasures of King Tutankhamun and many other objects after that move to Old Cairo to explore the oldest churches in the world

The place where the Holy Family stayed for two months, end you day in Cairo by visiting the old Bazaar.

You will have Lunch at the mid of the day then back to your hotel.

Day 11 : Free of Leisure in Cairo

Enjoy a free day in Cairo before travelling back home you can relax or join any optional trip.

there are many things to do in Cairo.

Day 12 : Final Departure

After breakfast and according to your flight details we will escort you to the airport for final departure

after Lake Nasser cruise adventure and the top Egyptian sights.


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