My Snorkeling/Diving Trip to Puerto Rico

In case you didn't already know it, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth territory of the United Sates. While Spanish is the official language, just about everyone knows some English, so you should be fine if you don't speak any. 

As you can imagine the area is tropical, with temperatures nearing 90 degrees year round. There is minimal change in water temperature through the different seasons, making this a great destination for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Since the temperature only fluctuates around 5 degrees throughout the seasons, there is never a bad time of year to visit. One thing I found while I was there is a new type of mask called a "full face" snorkel mask. If you haven't seen one yet, they are awesome. They cover your whole face and allow you to breathe through your nose! You can see some of these new full face snorkel masks here.

I have compiled a list of 5 of the best sites that I went to and recommend you do as well!

Fallen Rock

This is a top dive site in the area. Immense coral boulders form a beautiful drop off point that goes beyond 100 feet in depth.  At the uppermost part of the reef, depths are around 65 feet.  At Fallen Rock, prepare to see an array of fish and other aquatic creatures wandering in the deep. There is some even better diving around 100 feet deep but you will need an advanced open water certification and use of a dive computer is highly recommended. I had just bought a new one so I was good but if you don't have one yet, here are some good dive computers.

Mona Island

Off the western portion of Puerto Rico lies Mona Island.  This popular snorkeling destination offers the opportunity to visualize every imaginable color strewn throughout nature.  From rainbow-colored fish, to turtles, rays, and more, this area is known to contain the largest concentration of reef fish in all of Puerto Rico. 

If looking to snorkel in this area, be sure to bring your own equipment, as there are no rental stations or shops nearby!

Coffin Island

This snorkeling location is a nature preserve located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico.  In this area, there are designated snorkeling trails that are marked in order to make the snorkeling experience an educational one.  Learn what you are seeing around you, while embracing the incredible beauty in this scenic, underwater experience. 

On the island, there are hiking trails that lead to an old lighthouse, and various other locations worth checking out. Grab the ferry to get to the island and be there in under an hour!


If you are looking for a diving experience with a variety of views, from reefs to caverns to channels and more, Fajardo is an excellent choice and was my favorite dive site by far. The marine life is abundant, and many divers are able to actually hand feed fish living amongst the coral.  This town is in the eastern portion of Puerto Rico, making it destination in a different area than many other diving hotspots.  Check out barracudas and eels, and get some need underwater shots!

San Juan

This diving site is right off of the beach, making it a quick, close option – allowing for more convenience.  There are incredible reefs in various shapes and sizes, and these reefs house a wealth of marine life.  The visibility in this area is approximately 20 feet, which is excellent considering the simple accessibility of the site.   

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