Although they have same name “Nem” in Vietnamese, each kind of roll will bring those who try these dishes the interesting experience in a unique way. Let’s join a Hanoi cooking class in Hanoi to find out how they are made, with the experienced guidelines from the lady Ms Hang, you definitely get a deep insight into Vietnamese cuisine

Nem Phung - mixture of pig ear and roasted rice power

It is a very unique dish of Hanoi. This is dish simple to make but so attractive that many people eat in their family’s daily meal, at parties or use as a meaningful gift when they have to go far away from home. In this cooking lesson, you get to know the recipe of this food with the essential ingredients to make it.
The mixture of pig ear and roasted rice power is a specialty of Phung Town, Dan Phuong District, Hanoi. It is often eaten with chili sauce.

The ingredients to make “Nem Phung” are available to find, including pork meat, pork skin, rice and sticky rice. We have to choose pork meat carefully, meaning that it needs to have both lean and fat. Then, the meat will be washed, cut into small slices and boiled through the hot water until it is medium rare. After that, you will cut it into pieces and enjoy the mixture with full of spices.
However, the most decisive thing is the way to make the roasted rice power. It can be made from rice, sticky rice, green bean and other spices. These kinds of ingredients will be roasted and then, put all into the mortar to mix together with boiled pig ear slices.
While enjoying, this mixture needs to be rolled inside the cakes made from sweet and sour fig pickles with laska leaves. Dipping it into the spicy fish sauce will make those who try it even once will remember forever. The culinary lesson here gives you a local market visit to buy ingredients above.

Thanh Hoa fermented pork rolls

Thanh Hoa is a middle region of Vietnam and their specialty is fermented pork roll that make everyone’s mouth water. It is said that anyone coming to Thanh Hoa miss this pork roll is not complete. And now this dish no longer becomes a strange dish to Vietnamese people. In fact, it is a very famous from the North to the South of Vietnam. But the distinct to make Thanh Hoa fermented pork rolls different from those of other regions is polyscias leaves wrapped inside the rolls.

For those who staying in Hanoi and wanting to find out this dish don’t have to worry because in Hanoi, we have the famous lady chef, Ms Hang who is a food expert. She guides you to make it and takes you to some food stalls to buy ingredients to bring at home.

Those who know how to enjoy will smell it first before eating. The delicious fermented rolls will have typical sour taste with a little spicy of pepper and pungent taste of polyscias. Making fermented rolls is not difficult but you need to have own secret. The main ingredients include minced pork meat, boiled pork skin and roasted rice powder. However, the most important step is how to make it clean and the wrapping technique.

If you'd like to join the cooking lesson taken part in Hanoi, we are always willing to a friendly and enthusiastic companion to take you to visit around Hanoi and introduce to you all specialties from the North to the South of Vietnam, including the traditional roll dishes mentioned above. To get more information and knowledge about Vietnam spring rolls such as Fried Spring rolls, Fresh rice rolls, Steamed rice this site to be our companion on Vietnam culinary adventure journeys.

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