As an outdoors tour operator at  I would like to bring up the subject about this new trend that is picking up that is: traveling into the outdoors when visiting a new destination with the main idea to see more in the limited time frame available. The more active target group are now more than ever before realizing that going out of the comfort zone when traveling helps them limit their budged out-flow of cash while investing more on experience and new horizons. Having said that it is nice to know that the senior citizen 60+ traveler is more active then ever before. We have the pleasure to have traveled to Nepal and Ethiopia with the so called upper age target group that had no impact at all on the itineraries.

We are looking forward to do more in this respect and any follow up on this issue of traveling the outdoors where staying at lodges, mountain huts walking from 3 to 8 hours per day and coming closer to the local communities in every new place we visit are more than welcome.

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