The Philippines in September Was My Last Surprise

Balmy waters, white sandy beaches and excellent resort was enough to make me want to stay longer here. A destination not so glorified as others, but yet , once visited, a perfect spot to satisfy any taste. I waited until the right time to visit here and I believe that both the time of the year and the spot I picked were both an excellent decision.

My reason to visit the Philippines, this particular time , was only to attend a Tourism conference( one of the many which I attend throughout the year) . Although the Conference days were only two, I wanted, this time , to experience some of these islands' destination and take advantage of visiting some of the areas best known for a truly unique "exclusive" quality.

After closing ceremonies we were taken to the airport for a short flight on a very small plane to this "somewhat remote" idyllic resort. Here we arrived , but to my surprise, we were asked to follow a local to the beach. As we sunk our feet on to the sand I knew I had made a perfect decision and decided to proceed while listening to the instructions of getting on a small motor boat. This particular boat was no more than a run down canoe with a recycled motor added on to it. We did manage to fit in it and after a short 10 minutes ride, the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean and we were asked to transfer to a larger boat. Once again, when I say a "boat" I mean pieces of plywood glued together and manned by expert locals who are very good at what they do and care much about the safety of their passengers. Now on this larger boat for about 20 minutes we ride along whilst the ocean meeting with the sky gave it a magnificent horizon ,impossible to describe in words. As we approach an island, the only view is that of a strong vegetation. Intense green is what caught my attention. The thickness of this forest was an unusual sight as the color was so deep ,almost the look of velvet. As we made the turn into the small shallow bay, we stopped and once again, had to jump on to a smaller boat. It was ,now, obvious to everyone, that we were finally approaching the resort and due to shallow waters it could only allow small boats .
As we disembarked, we were welcomed by the resort staff who offered gracious smiles together with a cold towel and a local bittersweet drink. We had finally arrived to the "resort" destination. We will, undoubtley, put packages together to promote to our travel agents. These islands are "a must see".

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