Budget airlines with stingy baggage allowances plus stringent security rules mean that being savvy when it comes to packing for a holiday abroad is now a must.

Whether you’re flitting across multiple destinations in the EU or headed to one of the magical villas for rent from PPA properties, the following guide offers important packing advice to ensure you don’t run into problems at the airport.

Difference between Want and Need

Packing for a holiday abroad on a tight baggage allowance is tricky – deciding which of your favourite clothes, books and gadgets will make the cut can seem like a dauntingly difficult decision for many. The main thing to figure out is the difference between what you want and what you need – make a list and consider it over a seven day period. It’s best to start off with absolute must-have items, such as your smartphone, swimming costume/trunks and underwear, then gradually introduce other bits and bobs in order of priority.

Also remember that instead of taking loads of socks and shorts etc., you can easily buy some hand washing powder when at your travel destination as items like these are easy to freshen up in a bathroom sink.

Another tip to help you reduce the amount of clothes and shoes you pack is to opt for a holiday wardrobe of mostly neutral colours, which allows for some creative mixing and matching to keep things interesting.

Lastly, always check the weather forecast before you pack as this will be a good indicator of the clothing that will be essential on your trip. If the weather takes a turn while you’re abroad, you can always buy a pullover when there.

Things You Can Get When Abroad

It’s a better bet to buy items like shampoo, shower gel and body cream when you arrive at your holiday destination, since they can be bulky and quickly use up weight allowance in your luggage. That being said, try to buy sample-sized items when abroad or you will simply have the same packing problem when you head back home.

A tip for the ladies – you will best be served by adjusting your mind frame somewhat for travel. Be more adventurous and free spirited by not packing your entire skin and hair care regime, just the few essentials. No need to bring all the comforts of home.

The same goes for gadget lovers – do your best to rein yourself in and only take two or three of your favourite gizmos. After all, you can spend all the time you like staring at a screen when you get home, the object of a holiday is to get away from it all for a bit and take in some new sights.

Multiple-Use Cleverness

There are many items which can have multiple uses, rather than you packing two or more bulky products to get the job done. For example, ladies can opt for a tinted moisturiser with SPF instead of packing foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen, while lads can double-up a moisturising shower gel by also using it as a shaving cream.

Keep Valuables Close

It’s best to pack anything that is indispensable or valuable, such as a great pair of trainers, your mobile phone and of course expensive jewellery items, into your hand luggage. This will ensure your holiday doesn’t get ruined if your luggage gets lost.

On the subject of jewellery, if you have some pricey items it’s best to only wear them when heading out for the evening rather than during the day. While sightseeing, valuable jewellery will make you a beacon for criminals who target tourists.

Reading Materials

With the advent of e-readers, there really is no need to bring lots of bulky books on holiday. The same goes for loads of travel guides – you can access popular travel websites on your mobile phone, or photocopy the most important pages.


Whether you plan to luxuriate in one of the magical villas for rent from PPA properties or have a number of destinations on your travel itinerary, by following the above tips you will be able to avoid the luggage nightmare that stresses many people out before they even begin their holiday.  

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