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One of the greatest travel destinations in Canada is the metropolis of the Quebec province, Montreal. This city is a place where you will meet tourist from around the world, but also multicultural city with people living there for years but coming from different places in the world. Montreal is a place that welcomes everyone. After Toronto, the city of Montreal is the second biggest city by population in Canada, third is Vancouver. It has almost four million people living in it. What is most amazing about this travel destination is the way this city works. It is one of the most vivid cities in North America. People in Montreal are known as warm and friendly always willing to help you if help is what you need. 

Quebec city is the city which is the main political center of the province of Quebec, but Montreal is the economic and cultural main center. The city's historical and cultural attractions are the reason why Montréal was the first North American city to be appointed a UNESCO City of Design in 2006. Walking around Montreal will let you enjoy many breathtaking cultural and historical landmarks and many 18th- and 19th-century stone buildings, sharing parts of the history with you. The city of Montreal is the second largest city in the world where mother language is French. The first one is off course Paris

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